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How to make a stool with backrest

And finally a piece of furniture, and we forget about making templates, jigs and/or guides for a moment, that in the end making some piece of furniture is what a woodworking enthusiast wants to make. As already mentioned a couple of posts ago, I will make a wooden tall stool with back, like those we can find at a bar.

The materials needed to make this high wooden stool are a pair of 40 × 40 mm slats, a pair of 30 × 40 mm slats and a piece of solid wood board measuring more or less 350 × 350 mm (600 × 600? I don't know what I was thinking) and 30 millimeters thick.

If we had to manufacture it based on a saw and chisel, it would surely take a long time and some other headaches if we are not very skilled in that system of making boxes and tenons. However, with the templates that I propose in this blog, it is quite quick to do and I think it is a good project to practice with the wheat ears template and boxes template (I in this case had to make a new box template, for the 40 × 40 mm slats), but don't get on with it right off the bat if you don't have control over all the tenon template, lest you end up destroying some slats.

The bad news (at least for you) is that I have thought that a good way to make some money with this blog may be to sell some of the plans (and perhaps also some furniture), and this will be the first to put for sale. Anyway I will put an explosion with the parts of the stool but without measures.

As I am already very late with the sale of the plans, I leave them at this link: Plans of the tall wooden stool. I hope you can follow them without problems. A link to this blog is appreciated in return.

While I am preparing the corresponding pdf and I decide on one of the options for selling files that I have found on the internet, I will upload the videos of the stool to my woodworking channel.

OK, it is clear that I do not have to meet deadlines. I finally uploaded the video on how to make the tall wooden stool seat table.

My intention was to make it from a strips board purchased from a DIY center. They are of various sizes and thicknesses and usually do not need much more work than cutting them to size or with the shapes that we may need.

As I did not have it bought and I did not have at hand these days to stop by the DIY center, I decided to make a small slat board with some pieces that I had left over. The procedure was a bit sloppy, I admit it, but as you can see in the photos and in this video of this entry, the result was quite good. The next video entry will be on how to glue and make this board and you will judge.

Regarding to how to cut the board to fit this wooden stool, the most comfortable option may seem to be using a jigsaw, but I don't like to use it for solid wood, or for thicknesses greater than one centimeter, because the cuts don't usually come out very vertical.

I don't know how it will be in woods with more homogeneous veins (someday I will have to start working with higher quality wood than spruce and pine slats), but in the case of pine and fir, where there is a lot of difference between the veins with some very hard and others very soft, the blade of the Jig Saw tends to cut through the softer areas so that it folds, not maintaining verticality and we do not realize until we have the cut made. Using a band saw I think it would be the ideal, or at least the most comfortable, fast and what would give us the best finish, but the one I have looks like a toy and since I'm only making a stool I used a rib saw and a chisel to make sure you make the cuts straight and perpendicular to the surface of the board.

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  1. Hello ! very good what you do…. I kept loading the videos, they are very useful, thanks for sharing them !!!!!!!!!! Ivan

    1. Thank you! It takes a while between recording, editing and uploading them but I hope I can post at least one a month.

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