All about the jigsaw table saw.

How to make a jigsaw table saw. Simple and easy making

Here you will find my posts related to how to make a jigsaw table saw, how I made the system with bearings that keeps the cutting blade vertical and how I made some woodworking jigs to work with it. You will also find the problems I encountered and how I was able to solve some of those problems.

Most of us who enjoy DIY with wood and woodworking usually buy a jigsaw at some point. Not to mention that the jigsaw tool is one of the first power tools for woodworking and DIY that we all buy because of how versatile it is, how little danger it seems to be in comparison to the circular saw, how simple it is to use and also because of its normally affordable price. And when we have been in this woodworking hobby for a while, and we are improving our skills, we realize that with this jigsaw it is not easy to get as clean and precise cuts in wood as we begin to need to make.

However, by making a jigsaw table saw with a system like the one described in the following articles, the quality and accuracy of our wood cuts can be greatly improved. But keep in mind that a jigsaw with a power of about 350W may not have enough cutting capacity, so I would recommend using one of at least 600W like the one I install inverted under the tabletop to make a table jigsaw for my home woodworking shop.

DIY table jigsaw table.

How to mount a jigsaw upside down under a table

The idea of mounting a jigsaw as a table saw had never really appealed to ...
Guide with bearings for table jigsaw.

Guide with bearings to keep the blade vertical in the table jigsaw

When cutting with the jigsaw by hand using it upright, in it's usual position, we ...
Crosscut sled with the jigsaw.

Crosscut sled for precise cuts on the table jigsaw

Seeing how well the jigsaw cuts with the guide that keeps the blade vertical, now ...
Adjust the table jigsaw.

Some considerations on the table jigsaw

Seeing how simple it seems to be making a jigsaw table and its sled for ...
Making straight and miter cuts with a table saw sled.

Problems with jigsaw blade alignment and miter sled cuts

Everything was working so well in this DIY jigsaw table that I decided to make ...
Jigsaw table support structure

Round stretcher table as support structure for the jigsaw table

When I made the table jigsaw I was only concerned about having a simple system ...
Narrow jigsaw blades for making curved cuts in wood

Curved cuts with the diy jigsaw table

Many of you ask me about the possibility of making curved cuts with the diy ...
Fence to cutting straight with the homemade jigsaw table

A fence to make straight cuts with the jigsaw table

When I installed the support with bearings to keep the jigsaw blade vertical on my ...
How to make a circle jig for cutting wooden circles

How to cut circles out of wood with a jigsaw table

Cutting a circle of wood by hand is often tricky, although the tests I have ...
master cut 2600 as router table for wood

MASTER CUT 2600 multi-tool work table

Two sponsored videos in this post :)This post is NOT sponsored. Wolfcraft, the German company ...

Lastly, many people ask me if it is worth making a table jigsaw to use as a table saw or as a band saw, and the truth is that it will never have that much cutting capacity. This is nothing more than a jigsaw mounted under a tabletop that allows us, in some cases, to cut wood more accurately and work more comfortably.

You can even think about making a jigsaw table saw to use as a scroll saw, but the blade we use on the inverted jigsaw is never going to be able to make as tight curved cuts as we can make with the scroll saw.

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