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Learning to make a homemade paper piñata

So much secrecy. Shhh, don’t let the groom find out…, shhh, don’t let the bride find out…, they’ll end up getting beaten… …with a piñata. The idea was that between the two of them they would try to hit it, but I did not count on the day of TACONAZOS that the bride gave herself, and although the groom, my brother, had to hit the piñata by himself, he did not complain at all about the stress-free moment we gave him.

Piñata moment. enredandonogaraxe.club

She, who already knows him, put the blindfold on him 😉 and gave him some instructions to avoid accidents. I had to shake the piñata to make it difficult for her. After a few blindfolds he started dismembering it until the first serious blow, and then I saw that, although it was made of paper, it was not as fragile as I thought it was. He hit her three or four times, plaka, plaka, plaka! (joke for those who attended the farewell), and ended up with it on the floor broken by the handles of the paper bag I used to make it. Luckily, the bride appeared galloping on her TACONAZOS, grabbed the bag and threw the contents into the air shouting “candy for everyone! What a synchronization, as you can tell they learned to bark together.

I didn’t have much idea of how to make a homemade piñata out of paper and although I saw on the internet that they can be made with cardboard, it seemed to me that it would make it too resistant and complicated to make.

Materials to make a piñata.

I decided to make the piñata out of one of those paper bags with paper cord handles, gluing strips of newspaper around it to make it a little more resistant. But it seems to me that I overdid it and as I tell you, after a few very strong blows the bag did not break and ended up on the floor when the handles came loose.

Star-shaped piñata.

The next time I have to make a piñata I won’t put more than a layer of newspaper. And we will use a stick somewhat more forceful than that of the broom. Another option can be to improve the resistance of the handles or the fastening of the piñata with a cord that surrounds it so that it can withstand many more blows without falling. This may give more people time to hit the piñata and end up breaking the bag.

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Inside the paper bag I put a couple of boxes for support. I made some newspaper cones and put them around and taped them with masking tape. With the glued strips of newspaper I tried to reinforce the union of the cones to the body of the piñata (to the bag), trying not to deform the cones. Since this was not easy, I made a slightly larger cone to serve as a mold for the three missing points for the star shape of the piñata. In return I had to wait an extra day for those three cones to dry before I could attach them to the piñata, but I think it was worth it, since having the cones already rigid makes the job easier.

The process on how to make the piñata, as always, you have it in the video: I put the boxes inside, put the cones with tape, paper with newspaper, remove the boxes, put a cardboard lid on the bag, fasten the three new cones with tape, paper and put it to dry.

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