How to make a wooden stool using mortise and tenon jigs

How to make a stool with back

How to make a stool frame

The materials we need to make the stool are a couple of 40×40 millimeters wooden bars, a couple of 30 x 40 millimeters wooden bars and a piece of wood board. If we had to make the wooden stool with a hand saw and a chisel it would probably take a lot of time and some headache if we are not skilled making mortise and tenon joints. But with my mortise and tenon router jigs I can route all the wood joints very fast, and still be accurate.

How to make a stool frame using router jigs

SketchUp stool drawing

With the router mortise and tenon jigs that I show in this blog is quite fast to make it and I think it is a good project to practice using the tenon and mortise router jigs (I made a new mortise router jig to make mortises in the 40×40 wooden bars). But don’t begin with the stool until you know how to use the jigs so you don’t ruin some wooden bars.

Because I am not very skilled with hand tools, if I had to make this stool using a hand saw and a chisel it would take me a lot of time, and a lot of trouble. But using the mortise and tenon router jigs the tool is quite fast to make. Anyway, it is better to practice making some mortise and tenon joints before we began our first project with these jigs.

Bad news (at least for you) is that I’ve thought that a good way to make some money would be selling some plans (and perhaps some piece of furniture) and this is the first plan I will sell. Anyway you can see a picture with all the parts of the stool for free. While I prepare a pdf with the plans and I decide how to sell them, there you have the first video about how to make the stool.

SketchUp wooden stool drawingSketchUp stool drawing
How to make a stool. Stool before painting

To make the seat I thought I could buy a wooden board in some diy centre. You can buy them in several measurements and it is only a question to cut it to size and some sanding.

To make the wooden seat of this stool I thought I could buy a board, but finnally I decided to make a wooden board with old planks I’ve found in my shop. It was a sloppy and not very clean and precise procedure, but the end result was a quite nice board.

How to make a tall wooden stool

To cut the board the easiest may be use a jig saw to cut the notches and fit it in the frame. The problem is I never have vertical cut with pine boards this wide. May be with high quality wood it is easy to make vertical cuts with the jig saw, but when you work with pine, with hard and soft grain, the saw blade always tries to cut in the soft grain, so it bends and the final cut it is not vertical. A band saw is probably the best option, but mine is a very low quality one, so I prefer to use a hand saw and a chisel to cut the notches in the board.

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