Lamp in the shape of a Christmas tree.

How to make a tree shaped led lamp

I had long wanted to make this tree-shaped led lamp. A long time ago I saw a silicone mold, one of those for making baked cakes, shaped like a Christmas tree (or at least it reminds me of a Christmas tree) and I thought that it would also be a good mold for a screen lamp if you used it with a 1 watt led bulb that you had at home. Making this lamp took me longer than I thought, but I am very happy with the result. In the following links I try to explain all the steps that I followed in my carpentry and DIY workshop:

How to make a Christmas tree led lamp.

Christmas tree led lamp part 1: cut the shape of the lamp

He spent almost the whole year with this project of the Christmas tree lamp in ...
Cut the tree into two symmetrical halves.

I cut the tree shape in two equal halves

The most complicated task seemed to me to make the tree-shaped lamp ...
Paint and varnish the lamp.

Christmas tree led lamp part 4: paint, assemble and light

And I was already playing the part I least like, painting. And with the parts ...
Make a tray for shot glasses.

Christmas tree lamp part 3: the base for the shot glasses

When I started manufacturing this led lamp, I was not very clear what to do with the ...
Mount the paper shade on the led lamp.

Christmas tree led lamp part 2: make the paper shade and the tree trunk

The truth is that the first thing I did to make this lamp was both ...

In the previous four posts I explain the whole process on how to make a Christmas tree-shaped led lamp more or less in detail. From how to draw and cut the shape of the Christmas tree, through how to make the paper lampshade to how to make the base for the shots and how to paint and assemble the entire led lamp. Each entry has its corresponding video, but you can also see the entire fabrication in the following video, with less explanations but with music.

  1. Cut the shape of the lamp wood.
  2. How cut the tree shape into two halves the same.
  3. Do the paper screen.
  4. Make the wooden base that serves as shot tray.
  5. Paint the lamp.

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