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How to make a wall mount cantilever rack for the garage

More translations from the woodgears website. A few years ago Matthias made a shelf for the garage. It is very simple to make even without plans, but I also made a translation of another article about the same shelf with more detailed plans. Apparently it is quite strong and easy to screw or nail to the wooden structure of your wall, and you can also put your snow plow underneath the shelf (just in case you didn’t know Matthias). (in case you didn’t know Matthias is Canadian).

Don’t worry if you don’t have a snowblower, you might have a lawn mower, and if you don’t, you’ll find something to put underneath.

To fasten the vertical shelving we surely have a good way to screw the vertical posts to the brick or concrete wall, for example with good dowels that do not come loose from the wall.

Later I will translate another article about another shelf he makes, this one with four legs holds itself. Meanwhile you have the link to the cantilever shelf in the woodworking projects tab -> woodgears translations (nº13).

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