Cut a wooden hoop

How to make a wooden hoop

For some of our DIY projects with wood we may need to make a hoop, something that can be quite complicated if we try to cut it freehand with a marquetry saw or a jigsaw. But make a wooden ring using the table jigsaw and the guide to cut circles it is quite simple. The only slightly tricky part is the start of the cut inside the circle. Although it is not a difficult thing to do if we have a drill (better a drill press) and a narrow chisel. So, let's see how to make a wooden hoop following the instructions that I just commented.

I'm going to start from a circle of wood that I cut earlier when I showed how I made the circle cutting guide with the table jigsaw.

Drill a first hole inside the ring

In this circle I have to draw a radius and mark on that radius the measure of the radius of the inner circle that I want to eliminate to get the ring. I am looking for a drill bit with a diameter more or less equal to the width of the cutting blade that I am going to use. Now in the drill press I am going to put the wooden circle under the bit, so that the outer edge of the bit is tangent with the mark, to drill a first hole.

Drill another tangent hole into the ring

The problem is that that hole does not allow me to insert the cutting blade so that the side of the blade is glued to the mark, so I have to draw a second radius close to the first. I have to mark on the new radius the measurement of the inner radius of the ring that I want to cut and, also with the drill tangent to the mark, I am going to drill a second hole. Now I just have to cut with a chisel the small wooden peak that remains between the two holes, thus joining the points of tangency.

We must see the groove of the guide to cut circles

In the guide to cut circles I have to put the pivot or pivot point at a distance from the slot equal to the diameter of the inner circle that I want to cut. And I put the wooden circle on the guide. If all is well you should see the slot in the circle cut guide through the hole I drilled,

Put the wood on the guide to cut circles

and that should allow me to install the cutting blade on the saw. I only have to pass the cutting blade through the drilled hole and the slot at a time.

Rotate the wooden circle to cut the inside

Now it's just about turning on the machine, and turning the wooden circle until you finish making the wooden ring.

In this way, when I remove the inner circle, I have the outer wooden ring quite well cut. I just have to sand a little the wood burr that the cut leaves and some small imperfection that remains in the beginning and end of the cut. And I already have my wooden hoop.

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