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How to make a wooden pirate sword

Now that we are in the middle of summer, we get to the sea, we see the ships? Who has never dreamed of joining a pirate ship? Maybe getting our own ship is not within our reach, but we can start by making our own pirate sword.

In this article Matthias makes a wooden one using the table saw, the band saw, the horizontal drill … “his toys” he likes to call them. I really believe that with a jigsaw, a normal drill and a little sandpaper work we will get a result as good as his new wooden sword toy. We start with very coarse sandpaper wrapped around a wooden block and shape the edge, then we use finer sandpaper to remove the marks and leave it smoother.

For the handguard of the sword it can be complicated to cut thin strips to give it shape by bent laminate, so if we can’t cut them that thin in our workshop we will have to look for someone to cut them for us, do you have a carpenter near you? Maybe with marquetry, but I would bet that the heat and humidity used to bend the wood will ruin the glue that joins the layers. I don’t know, maybe we’ll spend the whole summer trying to make it, then autumn, the wind, the swells and the first storms will arrive and we’ll think better about becoming pirates. mmmm, how much longer until carnival?

The link to the article in Spanish can be found in the tab“woodworking projects” and there you go to “woodgears translations” (#16).

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