How to make the cabinet sides structure

Small display cabinet. How to make sides frame

Some years ago I made a display cabinet to hang on the wall and show my lead knight collection. For long time, all those knights, armed to the teeth, had been crying out for a piece of furniture to be displayed. In that time I cut the tenon by hand with a tenon saw, and used a drill and a chisel to cut the mortises. The result was some ugly tenons and mortises, but I have “nothing to worry about” because once they were joined nobody can see them. Well, the truth is that luckily the glue filled all the gaps and so far I couldn’t see any sign of fail.

Recently, I decided to make another small glass cabinet using my router tenon and mortise jigs and my circular saw cross-cut guide. The original cabinet has two doors, but this one will be a one door cabinet.

Plunge router tenon jigCircular saw crosscut jig
Free plans to make the cabinet sides frame

The dimensions of the wood I will use will be different, too. This time, the section of the lumber will be larger, and you may be thinking that it is too thick to make a small piece of furniture like this, but I think it will give a nice rustic look to this cabinet.

How to centre the strips to make dowels joints

Once the router tenon jig is perfectly adjusted, it is easy to make the side structure of the cabinet frame, and the most difficult thing to do is to put that small 2×1 strip right in the middle. I will join them with dowels, after drilling the corresponding holes with my drill press.

It can be difficult to drill right in the centre in the strip head, so I don´t worry too much if I don´t drill right in the centre, because it is easier to measure and mark the middle in the edge of the head and measure and mark the middle in the inside face of the 32cm piece.

I put a dowel centre in the hole I drilled in the head of the small strip and, with the help of a square, I align the marks I made in both pieces. The dowel centre pinpoints where I have to drill. But now I have a vertical drill press table that helps to drill in the head of the strips easily 🙂 .

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