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How to make a display case for an earthenware pot, part 3

Una vez las partes principales de la vitrina expositora acristalada están hechas, ahora puedo montar las patas y las decoraciones, y terminar de montar toda la vitrina de madera. Más adelante, en otras entradas de este blog le instalaré la cerradura y un compás que mantenga la puerta abierta.

I leave you the video with the manufacture from scratch, the same video that I put in the first article on the making of this display case. Look at the bottom for links to all the articles on how I made this display case.

Drilling holes for dowel on the drill press

On the exterior part of the window, in the corners, there are decorative turned pieces. They imitate the decorations that the Galician raised granaries (the typical hórreos) have at both ends of the ridge of the roof. In each corner I drill a couple of dowel holes, one to each side of the miter joint.

Makeshift jig to mark and make the dowel joints

And with a simple dowel joints jig, which allows me to put the four turnings in exactly the same position in each corner, I can mark the position in which to drill the holes in the base of those four decorations.

Drilling of turned parts

With the help of the guide I used to make the cuts on the miter saw, I hold these turned pieces horizontally to drill the two holes in the base.

Gluing and doweling the turned parts together

With a little glue and some wooden dowels I put the four turned pieces in place.

Gluing the turned legs of the display case

I would like to glue the legs without the tubes under the circles. I apply glue and put them on first by eye, measuring them later, more or less, to try to leave them all exactly the same. Once the glue has dried I drill a pilot hole from the other side of the circle and insert a screw to reinforce and secure the turned legs.

Guide for placing the legs on the base of the display case

Now, with the help of that simple guide we saw earlier, the one with a couple of metal angles screwed into it, along with a couple of slats as spacers, I glue all the legs in place at the corners, under the square frame that goes at the base of the structure of this display case.

Screw turned legs to the base

Once the glue is dry, I screw the frame to the legs.

How to set mortise hinges

Now, before I forget, I have to install the mortise hinges. I measure and mark, on the display case structure, the position where I want to put the two small (and expensive) mortise hinges I bought, taking into account the small turning radius they have, and put a point on both marks.

Drilling holes for mortise hinges

I place the window on top, measuring to center it, and press it against the ends to mark the exact position on the window. And I can drill the holes.

Screw the base with the legs to the structure

Now I can screw the base with the legs under the display case structure. I won’t put the top window in place until I varnish all the parts, put the glass in and screw the glazing beads in.

Varnishing the showcase structure

To varnish I use a transparent satin varnish spray. It is easy and fast to apply, and a good finish is obtained. I apply one coat, let it dry, sand gently and apply a second coat.

Put in the glazing and screw the glazing beads

And as soon as the varnish is dry I can place the glass and screw the glazing beads with the decorative brass screws I bought. The numbering helps me get all the glazing beads in place, and I only have to worry about screwing them in carefully, as the screws are soft metal and the slot in the head nicks them easily.

Insert mortise hinges

I fit the hinges into the holes of the window (as you can see in the video, a clamp can be a great help to fit the hinges well), now I put the window in place, fitting the hinges into the holes of the structure, and I have the finished display case. Or almost, I’m missing the lock and the door retention compass.

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