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How to make a DVD shelf

A shelf for DVDs, for books or for whatever is needed. The pity is that this time there are no plans, but I’m sure you can adapt the measurements to your needs. Decide on the background you want to give it and the distance between shelves. Keep in mind the thickness of the wood of the shelves and look on page 1 of translations of this blog how to space pieces at equal distances, #7, it will surely be useful.

Joining with tubular bolts is not very easy without a guide, although if we do things well and carefully we can obtain good results. If we get all the shelves exactly the same and both sides the same as each other as well, then we will have much of the challenge of adjusting the dowels solved.

To mark the position of the holes accurately, we need a guide which, as Matthias teaches us, may well be a scribe. Or a couple of them, in order to be able to adjust two measurements and move them to all the shelves and to the inside of the sides of the cabinet.

Not long ago I made a shelf with the help of a friend in a similar fashion, and the biggest problem was that I didn’t realize that the sides of the boards weren’t as straight as they’re supposed to be when you buy those slatted boards that come in a huge plastic sleeve. I relied on having all sides parallel and it was impossible to get everything tight. As it turned out, not even the bulk of the products matched when comparing one with the other.

Find the link to the article on this Woodgears DVD shelf in the woodworking projects tab of this blog and then go to Woodgears translations (number 28).

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