How to make a table saw with build in riving knife

How to make a table saw with circular saw

One of the tools that will make a great improve in our garage woodworking shop is a table saw, mainly because it will help us to cut our wood to the dimensions we need. The idea to make a do it yourself table saw (that you probably had seem in many webs) is to attach the circular saw to a table board.

Table saw out of circular saw with riving knife

So, to make a table saw with circular saw we screw it to the board and we cut the groove so that the blade protrudes from the other side. Then we just have to screw the board to the table frame with the saw upside down. Well, you probably know that there is a problem with the riving knife, but in the  video I show an easy way to keep it in your homemade table saw.

Table saw safety switch

We need to block the switch with a plastic bridle or something like the tape I use in the video. Then we need a safety switch to turn the homemade table saw on and off. I will use that safety switch you can see in the picture. I got it from a metallic workbench I don´t use a lot. It is something I really recommend you to use, because otherwise it is easy to activate the circular saw accidentally.

Circular saw I will use to make the table saw

My circular saw blade is not very large in diameter and I didn’t want to lose too much depth of cut, so I decided to use a 1cm melamine particle board (not a good idea with the wet weather we have here in Galicia, now I have plywood). I used bolts with locking nuts to secure the saw to the board because the board is too thin to use screws. I had to drill clearance holes and counterbores to set the bolts head flush with the board. You can see the procedure in the video.

Table saw attached with bolts under a boardHow to attach a table saw to a table board
Do it yourself table saw with riving knife

After that I installed my old miter saw in the table, this time with plywood table top. It has more power than my circular saw, so I can cut up to 5cm thick boards without problem. Anyway I am having some problems with this one, so when I can I will buy a bigger circular saw to install instead this one. Actually, I already have a new disc saw installed like a table saw with a homemade blade lift.

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