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How to make a simple window frame

Some months ago one person asked me to make a window that should be installed in a shed. It should be a wooden window, and instead of glasses it should have a metallic mesh. The objetive was to ventilate the shed, but making sure no animals could enter or leave the shed. But before I install the window I must put a wooden frame in the opening in the wall of the shed. So, in this post I will show how to make a wooden frame, to hold a window, using a finger joints jig. But it will be a simple frame, not suitable to hold a window in a house.

I use the table saw sled to cut rails and stiles

To make the window frame, first I have to cut the stiles and the rails. I can use the table saw sled to make sure I will cut two identical stiles and two identical rails.

I use a router jig to route finger joints

To make the wooden joints in the corners of this window frame I will use finger joints.

Then, I set my router table finger joint jig to route one end of the rails and the stiles.

The main problem is that the rails and the stiles are very long, so it can be difficult to keep them perfectly vertical in the finger joint jig. I had to use a square and a homemade fast clamp (watch here a video about how to make my homemade quick action clamp).

A woodworking trick to route longer finger joints

Another problem I had is that the edge of the straight router bit I have is not long enough. So, my woodworking trick to route the long finger joints is that first I must route half the way.

I route the finger joints in two steps

And now I can lift the router bit to finish routing the finger joints to the final length. So, I need two steps to route this long finger joints.

I glue the window frame

Now I can glue the corners of this finger joint window frame. And I check to make sure I have a perfect rectangle with 90 degrees angles.

To check I use the square to make sure I have 90 degrees corners, I measure to make sure both long sides and both short sides are identical, and I also measure to make sure both diagonals are identical.

Finger joint window frame before sanding

Once the glue is dry, here we can see one corner of this finger joint window frame.

Finger joint window frame after sanding

And here we can see the finger joint after I sand it. Sure this will be a strong window frame.

I cut the wooden strips that will retain the window

Now I cut some thin 1cm square section strips, and I put them inside the window frame. They will retain the window when installed inside the window frame.

I cut them carefully with the table saw sled, trying to make them fit as nice as possible.

I cut the wooden strips that will retain the window

I put the window (soon I’ll show how I made it) inside the frame so it will be the guide to glue the thin square strips.

Nail the wooden strips that will retain the window

And I nail the thin square strips so I don’t need clamps to hold the strips. The truth is that I don’t like to trust only in glue.

The wooden strips inside the window frame

And here we can see the thin square section strips in the inside part of the window frame.

I apply woodworm and weather protector

And finally, before installing this window frame in the wall opening, I apply a couple of coats of wood protector and woodworm killer. Like this I make sure it will stand perfect for years before I have to apply more wood protector.

How to make a wooden window

You can watch here -> how to make the simple wooden window that I will install in this window wooden frame.

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