Wooden sergeant.

How to make a wooden F clamp. Free plans

If you follow this blog or if you have taken a look at it, you will have seen how I made some wooden bar clamp a little over a year ago (and I included the plans in the post). They were a clamp practically the same as many others that you may have already seen on different woodworking websites and blogs. I think the only contributions I gave in this woodworking blog were the system to make them with my tenon and mortise guides, a couple of simple brackets for the presses and some explanations about their problems when using them and how to solve them.

As I said, you will have seen on the internet many sergeant designs with explanations on how to make them, but I’m sure you will agree with me that one of the most striking and most appealing is the one by John Heisz, mostly because of its similarity to the typical metal sergeants that we usually buy. That’s why this was one of the first I Build It articles I wanted to translate, so that you will be encouraged to make it.

In the article you will find, in addition to the instructions on the manufacturing process, the drawings to download in pdf format. The serger plans are in English and with measurements in inches, but they are very detailed and if you don’t have a tape measure in inches you can always print the serger plans to the scale you want, glue the paper pieces on the wood and start cutting.

Look for the link to the Spanish article on these very useful clamps made by John Heisz in the woodworking projects tab of this blog and there go to I Build It translations (number 2).

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