Odorless water-based paint for living room painting

Painting the living room with eco-friendly water-based paint

All of us who have ever painted at home know the nuisance of having to ventilate the house for a long time, not only to let the paint dry, but also to let the smell go away. However, nowadays we have in the market eco friendly water-based paints that have no odor and allow us to go on with our normal life as soon as we have finished painting.

In this case I will use Xylazel healthy air healthy homes, which is an ecological paint that does not smell and dries in just two hours. This paint is endorsed by the Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology(SEAIC), has the A+ and Ecolabel seal, making it the most environmentally eco friendly paint on the market, and is suitable for allergy and asthma sufferers. In fact, this water-based eco friendly paint is the only paint endorsed by the SEAIC in Spain.

Ecological paint guaranteed by Seaic, with ecolabel and A+ seal.
Using a color chart to choose the color
Protect frames, baseboards and sockets with masking tape.

To paint this room we chose, with the help of the color chart, two colors of this water-based ecological paint: a stone gray and a cloud gray. But before painting we must cover or take away furniture, and take away any pictures or other objects we may have hanging on the walls of the room. And with masking tape it is necessary to tape the baseboards, door and window frames and sockets. And after protecting the floor of the room with plastic, I can start painting with this eco friendly paint.

Apply with brush and roller the ecological water-based paint.

As soon as we start painting we realize that this eco friendly paint does not smell, and as it does not release harmful substances we can paint with peace of mind. First I have to trim with the brush next to the masking tape and in the corners, and then I can finish the painting job with a roller. In addition, this ecological paint adheres very well, so it performs very well. And another advantage is that it is a very washable paint, since once dry we can rub it repeatedly with a damp cloth without affecting the paint layer.

Living room after painting with ecological paint

With this ecological water-based paint, a second coat can be applied after only two hours, if necessary. But as this eco friendly paint covers very well, in this case the walls of the room were already perfect. And to clean the brush and roller I only need soap and water.

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