Putting wheels on a lawn chair made of wood. enredandonogaraxe.club

I put the wheels to the chair made of pallet wood.

After making some solid wood wheels, I thought it would be interesting to put these wooden wheels on the chair made with recycled pallet wood. A fairly simple woodworking project, due to the configuration of the legs of this lawn chair with the wide face of the boards I used to make the back legs horizontal to the ground. This way I can easily move this chair made from pallet wood.

You can also see how I made an Adirondack lawn chair in this post.

Drill holes for the axle of the wheels.

As I already had made the wooden wheels, the most complicated part can be to make the perfectly centered holes to put the axle of the wheels. But since the router jig I used to make the wooden wheels with the plunge router also left a mark right in the center of the wheels, I can use the drill press to make the perfectly centered holes.

Bench dogs help to hold and sand the wooden wheels.

And using workbench dogs as a help to hold the wheels, I sand them well.

Wheel axle supports.

Then, now it is only necessary to make four wooden blocks, two for each wheel, which will serve as support for the axle of the wheels. Each wooden block has a 2.5cm deep hole made with the same 15mm diameter Forstner bit that I used to drill the side-to-side hole in the wheels. That Forstner bit is the perfect size for using a piece of copper pipe as the axle for the wooden wheels.

Mount the wooden wheels on the lawn pallet chair.

Once some notches have been cut in the legs to allow the wheels to be mounted, I screw the wooden blocks under the legs of this garden chair. And if you think that the cuts made in the legs will weaken the pallet wood boards too much, you can see in the video that they are still very resistant.

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