How to route a moulding in the cabinet frameI already made the small cabinet side frames, but just like that, it was a bit boring piece of furniture. I know some glass cabinets are really nice with all their surfaces smooth, and square corners and edges, but in this case a moulding all around the glass will make a big difference, and when we see we can do things like that, that is something for what one decides to buy a router.

Cheap moulding router bitsTo cut the moulding in the sides of the cabinet, I will use an ogee router bit from a very cheap router bit set. That kind of router bits have a small bearing which helps to guide the router when it rolls against the strips from which the sides are made. This bit has an S-shaped edge with a vertical edge on top of that S. Don´t get a wrong router bit like the round over router bit. As I mention before, you can find both in a cheap set, and sometimes that set is for free when we buy a brand new plunge router.

The technique to route the mouldings consist of adjusting and blocking the router depth of cut, and then we route clockwise, removing some material during each pass until the router bearing is pushing against the wood. And we make the last cut all around with the bearing against the wood.

We clamp the workpiece tight between some blocks to prevent it from moving. Inside the openings we put a couple of blocks that are made from the same strip we used to make the sides frame. Those blocks must be the same height as our workpiece, because the base of the router will lean against them when we route the mouldings and the glass rabbets. And if you wonder why I don’t glue the side pieces of this cabinet before, it is because may be some of you prefer to route a groove to insert a panel, and it would be impossible to route the moulding when the panel is in place.

How to route the rabbets to install the cabinet glassesCabinet parts

How to clamp the cabinet sides frameI use a straight router bit to route the rabbets in the sides of this small glass cabinet. This time I need to install the router guide to cut straight rabbets. After some adjustment it is an easy task, but it would be better to take into account the routing direction. Depending on the routing direction, the router bit cuts pushing the fibres against the strip or pulling it out to the other side. When it pulls out the wood it can break the wood making lots of splinters. When that happened to me I keep routing and things always settle down. But I thing someday I’ll need to fix the routing afterwards.

Watch next video to see all the procedure and how to I had to make sure that the bearing would lean against the small strip in the middle of the sides frame. If it goes below the strip it won´t guide the router and it will be impossible to route a nice moulding.