The ideal number of woodworking sergeants is ... all we can put in, from among all that we have available. . But that's something you already know 😄, otherwise these wooden boards are badly glued. . https: // / cheap-sergeants-carpentry-simple-solution /. #wood #carpentry #enredandonogaraxe
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A few atillos will help keep the wood screws from getting mixed up, while I don't have room for everyone. . Since I spent the work of ordering them, don't get lost. . Although if you look, I still have work to do. . I don't know how I can have so many different screws 😅. . . . #wood #screws
238 8
A plug that I adapted into a junction box. . When I put it on I did not want to screw it directly to the wooden frieze. . I removed it because it was right where the wooden wall goes. . For one that I have on the wall, it is also a coincidence 🤨. . I'll see if I put a plug like that back in the new wall or not. . . #wall #plug #wood
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Today he plays late in the workshop 😁. I want to make a small wooden wall right where I put that wooden slat on the floor. . This way, that area will be hidden when the video camera points there. . And yes, I'm going to make a video 😃. That already touches. . While in the link in the bio you can review the videos that you have not seen 😋😉. . . #wood #carpentry workshop
169 1
Almost done. The old workshop, like new. I can almost start 🎥. Sorry, continue
148 21
The same corner from two photos ago on my Instagram. . With the OSB boards and the wooden frieze on the wall and ceiling, the workshop is gradually becoming more beautiful. . I'm not recording, otherwise I don't finish 😎. . . . #wood #carpentry workshop
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Do you remember the reinforced wood veneer trunks? . The trunks 💥 https: // / how-to-make-a-trunk-of-plywood-reinforced-plywood / that I did in that video so cool 😉. I took off the wheels and put some shelves inside. . They are more useful to me this way. I was using them only to throw things in, and now they help keep the workshop in order. . . . #wood # trunk # trunk # trunks # sort #enredandonogaraxe
171 3
This is the workshop today. I had planned to record again this weekend, but I decided that I am going to finish making some arrangements to make it look nice
252 9
Sometimes you have to take a step back. To keep the balance. . I'm going back to my previous workshop 🥽🪚🔧🪛🔩🗜
198 7
If you want to see how these pieces fit together to have a useful carpentry tool 👉 We only need some scraps of wood that we have for the workshop and some simple pieces of metal. . . . #carpentry #tools #wood #enredandonogaraxe
159 2
You can already see how the super sergeant we saw in the short video I uploaded to Instagram a few days ago works. . Here 👉 In that video I try three old carpenter's tools that I bought at the Vila-real antiques market. . . . . #tools #cutwood #woodwork #wood #enredandonogaraxe
168 2
Another one of those tools from the drill tool kit. . A drill grinder 💪. What I don't like about this one is that you have to disassemble everything to remove the drill.
168 7
The fret saw for drill in the foreground. . I'm looking forward to making a video with it, showing every detail and putting it to the test in a project 😄. . ➡️ Don't forget to follow 🔍. . #cutwood #tools #tool
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There we have the drill tools that we saw in the last video 🤩. It will be mandatory to make a specific video for some of them 😁, since they have details that I think are worth showing. . They will appear in between other videos. . . . . #tools #tool
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I go to see who has not yet seen the last video on my YouTube channel. Latest technology for my carpentry and DIY workshop 😎. . The uboxing of the Flux Beamo laser, from @flux_inc, and a couple of other accessories. I know that it is not the type of machine you would expect to find in a channel like mine, but at this point we are not going to reject new technologies 😁. . I still have a lot to do in the workshop, while I am taking my usual videos, but I already have a project thought for this laser. This giving me a button and letting the machine engrave and cut with absolute precision is pleasing me more than I thought 😅. . . . #ad #promoted #fluxlasers #laser #tech #woodgrab #laserwoodgrab #laser
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With the workbenches that @wolfcraft_espana sent me, I will finally have the workshop tidy. . In this unboxing 👉 👈 we see how these workshop furniture come so that everything is easy to locate and assemble, and we also see some of my tricks to assemble them. . As I said, I will finally have order in the workshop, and this time I will take it seriously, since with all those drawers I have no excuse for not having everything in its place. . I also love the large solid beech surface that they have and that they are very stable. . . . . #ad #sponsored #workingbank #wolfcraft #worktable #work
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The old carpentry machine that you liked so much already has its video -> \\ // <- and you are missing it. . In this video I show the parts of this very old carpentry machine and we see how it cuts a veneer of wood. . I love the part where you can see and hear how all the parts move to the beat, like a train at full throttle. . . . . #carpentry #wood #carpentry #woodcut #antiquities
162 12
Sometimes I try to be orderly. It doesn't last long, but I try hard. . I know from experience that when it comes to assembling furniture, order helps a lot. . Now that recording the video lengthens the work time a lot 😅
129 11
The new workshop is already looking like a new workshop ☺️. . Although some of the new tools ... are not that new 😎. . Already less 🙃
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