Guide for cutting dovetail joints.

Woodworking jig for Cutting Dovetail Joints on the table saw

This is a translation of the guide for cutting dovetail joints that I already made some time ago, but here I dedicate the corresponding mini-entry to it.

This guide (actually two guides, one for the teeth and one for the dovetails) can work very well for anyone who has a table saw with a blade tilting system. And I’m still wondering how it would work on a homemade table saw made with a hand-held circular saw. If anyone is thinking of fabricating it, an alternative would be to use a sliding guide like mine on the router table to cut the tails in a similar way to how straight finger links are cut. It would then only be necessary to fabricate the guide to cut the teeth.

It is a more accurate method than milling dovetail joints. with the router table, and it is faster than cutting dovetail joints by hand with a saw, but if we need to make a lot of these the best option for a small shop I would say is to get a dovetail jig to cut dovetail joints with the router. It all depends on the amount we need to make. Although many times what we are looking for with these guides and templates is not speed, but the precision that we as woodworking enthusiasts do not get with our hand tools.

As always you have the link to this article (4 articles with their 4 videos with Spanish subtitles) from Woodgears en Español in the woodworking projects tab of this blog and there go to woodgears translations (nº 4).

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