Make disc sander with drill

Make a disc sander with a drill support and a disc sander attachment

If you follow my blog and my YouTube channel you will have already seen my drill lathe in disc sander mode. Anyway, I recently found a metal drill stand in the shop that I bought a long time ago, and I thought it would be easy to make a homemade disc sander with the drill. And I'm going to use just a few workshop scraps and the drill sanding disc.

I currently have a disc sander homemade with its larger sanding disc, but it is easier to make a sander for wood with the help of a drill stand, as we see in this entry.

Fit and screw the drill stand to a piece of wood

The metal drill stand I use to make the homemade disc sander allows several turns to adjust its position, so that the drill doesn't get too high I turn it 90 degrees.

Fit the piece of wood into the drill stand and screw

And I screw the drill stand to a wide piece of wood of just the right thickness, which I made by gluing and screwing together two pieces of wood slats.

Wood support for the disk sander table

I screwed this piece of wood with the metal support to a corner of a piece of mdf board that serves as the basis for this homemade disc sander. The advantage of this mdf board is that it is long enough to screw the table stand onto it. The wooden support for the tabletop is nothing more than a pair of slats screwed onto some pieces of plywood and that allow me to give the desired height to the piece of table that I will use as a table.

To finish I have to install the drill with the velcro sanding disc, and screw the piece of table that I am going to use as a table. But there I realized that I needed a bolt somewhat longer than the one that comes with the holder to tighten the neck of the drill, since the neck of this drill is a bit wide for this metal support. And I also had to screw in some wooden dowels to adjust the position of the drill and level it so that the sanding disc for sandpaper with velcro is parallel to the edge of the table and 90 degrees with its surface. And now I can start using this simple homemade disc sander with drill, I just have to remember to switch off the hammer function of the drill.

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