How to make a lamp with wooden hangers

How to make a wooden lamp out of hangers

In this first video you can watch how to make a wooden lamp out of hangers. And at the end of this post you can watch how to make a white hangers lamp. And finally you can watch a video about how to make the dowelling jig I used to drill the holes to make the dowel joints.

A friend of mine asked me to make a lamp out of hangers, and after watching some designs in the Internet I couldn’t say no to make one. These hangers lamps may seem to be very simple, but to make them I had to improvise some woodworking jigs. But well, that is one of the funniest parts of this woodworking hobby.

How to cut the wooden hangers

The wooden hangers to make the wooden lamp

To make a wooden lamp out of wooden hangers, first I have to get rid of the horizontal rod (that rod to hang the trousers). I simply pull out the ends of the rods. And then I use pliers to remove the small nails.

The modified woodworking jig

Now I have to modify the circular saw crosscut jig so I can use it to cut the wooden hangers. Like this it will be easy to cut the hangers in two identical pieces. Well, almost identical, because this hangers are not perfectly symmetrical. And not all the hangers are perfectly identical neither.

Cutting the wooden hangers using a woodworking jig

So, I fit the first wooden hanger in the modified circular saw jig. To clamp it, I insert a small wooden block under the runner. And I cut the hanger. I take away the piece of hanger under the runner, and I fit there the other half of that hanger. I clamp it, and I cut it. And I keep cutting the 15 wooden hangers to get the 30 pieces I need.

The dowel joints

How to use the dowelling jig

Now I have to make some kind of dowelling jig. I need that improvised woodworking jig to drill 6mm dowel holes in the cut I have just made in the hangers. This jig helps to drill the holes always in the same position. It is very easy to make, and fits perfectly around the hanger.

You can watch how to make this simple dowelling jig in the video at the end of this post.

Drilling dowel holes in the wooden hangers

As we can see in the picture and in the video, I “only” need a workbench vice to hold the dowelling jig, in the right position on the hangers, while I drill them. Like this, making the 30 dowel holes was quite fast and accurate.

How to cut the wooden circle using a woodworking jig

Now I have to make a wooden circle. I will join all the hangers to it, so then I’ll have to drill 30 dowel holes in the edge of this circle. And I will also use a hole saw, to drill a big hole in the centre, so I can install one of those lamp holders with a lamp holder ring. Making a wooden circle is quite easy if we have a circle cutting jig.

Using a protractor to mark the angles

Before drilling all the dowel holes, I have to mark where to drill them. The best option is to use a protractor to make a mark every 12º (360º/30).

As you can see in the picture, I made the marks before cutting the circle. Once I cut the circle, it was easy to continue the marks from the face to the edge.

How to drill the dowel holes in the wooden circle

And now I will use the vertical drill press table to drill the dowels holes in the edge of this wooden circle. I screw the centre of the circle to the vertical table, and I drill the first mark. Then I turn the circle by 12 degrees to the next mark, and I drill. And like this I drill all the 30 marks I need to make the dowel joints.

And as I mentioned before, to finish this wooden circle, I use a hole saw to make a hole in the centre. Like this I can install the lamp holder so I can hang the wooden lamp from the ceiling. I mean, the hangers lamp will hang from the electric cable that will go from the ceiling to the lamp holder.

Using dowel joints to join all the pieces

Finally I can use dowel joints to join the hangers to the wooden circle.

Putting together all the pieces of the wooden lamp

And once all the hangers are attached to the circle, I use toothpicks to keep the hangers vertical. And I also use a threaded rod to clamp the lamp while the carpenters glue dries. Like this, this lamp is almost done.

The wooden lamp

Installing the lamp holder and the bulb

When the glue is dry, I apply a couple of coats of hard transparent varnish. And when the varnish is dry, I can install the lamp holder and the bulb. Now it is ready to hang from the ceiling.

Actually I made two lamps. First a varnished wooden hangers lamp, and then a white hangers lamp. Not sure witch wooden lamp I like more, because I think both wooden lamps are very nice. And they look great when we hang them from the ceiling.

Varnished hangers wooden lampWhite hangers wooden lamp

A white hangers lamp

Next we can watch how to make a white hangers wooden lamp. Because my friends told me they like these wooden lamps, and they need more lamps to hang from the ceiling:

How to make the doweling jig

And here how to make the improvised dowelling jig to make the dowel joints:

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