Glue and reinforce the joints.

Makeshift jig to reinforce miter joints with splines

After the failure of trying to reinforce the mitered joints of the showcase door with tubing, I thought of cutting some slots in the corners and inserting some well glued sheets to reinforce the joints at 45 degrees. Typically for this task a guide is fabricated to cut the slots with the circular saw, but I didn’t want to go through the trouble of fabricating one at this time, so I decided to try this system with the hand-held disk saw.

Luckily the table rails I made myself for the shop tools are quite tall, and one of them is perfectly flush with the edge of the table top, so I have a good place there to put the display case door vertically, with the sides angled at 45 degrees.

Guide for cutting grooves.

It was easy to attach the door by hanging it with a few nails, and to put a lath next to it as a sliding surface for the circular saw and as a support for its guide, although as I mention in the video, it is not so easy to keep the guide resting against the lath.

For the reinforcements the best option might have been to use solid wood, but again I didn’t want to complicate things and used a piece of marquetry to get the veneers to insert into the slots I cut in the corners to reinforce the miter joints.

Reinforce joints at 45 degrees.

Adjusting the depth of cut is easy (I’m not sure how deep I should go and maybe I went a little too deep), but adjusting the width of the groove requires a little bit of pulse and patience. If the veneer is the same thickness as the saw blade there is no problem, but this was not the case and I had to adjust the saw’s side guide to fit the groove in three cuts.

The result, for a first time, was quite satisfactory. Now all that was left was to glue the sheets (without overdoing it with white carpenter’s glue in the grooves and sheets), let the glue dry, cut the pieces of sheet metal that protrude with the rib saw and sand them so that they are level with the edge of the strips that form the door. This way I can reinforce the mitered joints and also give them a decorative touch.

Misaligned tubing.

All about how to make this wooden display case

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