master cut 2600 as router table for wood

MASTER CUT 2600 multi-tool work table

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Wolfcraft, the German company that makes DIY and woodworking tools, sent me the Master cut 2600 multi-tool machine table to test and make a video for my YouTube channel. I thought it would be better to make two videos and show it well 🙂 .

I was skeptical at first but after trying this workbench I have to say I was pleasantly surprised as the various tools that are mounted on the table are easier to change than I thought.

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The Wolfcraft Multi-Tool machine table:

  • To make a table saw
  • To make a router table
  • To mount the jigsaw upside down and so make a jigsaw table
  • As a work table for the miter saw
  • With standard safety switch

Note: Router table side fence and riving knife sold separately.

And the possibility of installing a riving knife on the table saw, in case our handheld circular saw does not have one. This is a detail that greatly improves safety when cutting wood with the master cut 2600.

Okay, the riving knife is sold separately, but it is worth buying it.

Making a table saw with the MASTER CUT 2600

When we buy the MASTER CUT 2600 and unpack it, the first thing we are going to do is unfold it and install the different accessories as the manual explains.

And now, the only thing that can be a bit complicated to do is to put the fixed stops to be able to easily assemble and disassemble our circular saw. To mount the MASTER CUT 2600 as a table saw but to be able to easily remove the circular saw when needed.

In the following video I try to show you how I did it. The manual is very well explained with very detailed images, but I have some tricks up my sleeve. Including how I installed the riving knife.

The best thing is that once the fixed stops have been put on, it is then quick and easy to put on and take off the tools and the riving knife to exchange the different tools.

my system with an extra stop

I put an extra fixed stop for when I have to remove the front stops to install the other machines. That extra stop helps me accurately reposition the base of the circular saw when I install it back again on the MASTER CUT 2600.

fixed stops on the master cut machine plate

Tip: This extra stop (1) can also help because, depending on the size of the circular saw base, it may be necessary to remove the fixed stop that is opposite on the other side (2) in order to be able to mount the two fixed stops that help to center the plunge router (3) or to be able to install the jigsaw.

How I mounted the circular saw and the riving knife :

How to install the router table on the MASTER CUT 2600

Once we have put the fixed stops for the circular saw, now we are going to see how to make a router table with our plunge router and the master cut 2600.

Lateral fence for router table. Wolfcraft parallel router table fence

Parallel router table fence for machine table MASTER CUT 2600

Perfect to install on the MASTERCUT 2600

The first thing to do is swap out the table saw insert for the router table insert, as the hole in that insert will help us center the plunge router.

We center the plunge router on top of the insert hole and we are going to take advantage of the curved base of the router to put two fixed stops in the area that is outside the space that the circular saw needs. So I can always leave those two fixed stops there, so that putting the router back on center is as easy as putting it’s base against those stops. And now it would only be necessary to put two stops on the other side and the four clamping jaws with their wing nuts.

master cut 2600 as router table for wood

After the first tests I find this router table very easy to use, the wood slides very well on the table and against the side fence, and the vertical pushers are a great help in keeping the wood to be routed against the table top.

The only drawback is that the lateral router table fence is sold separately. But if you buy the MASTER CUT 2600 you should also buy the router table fence to get the most out of this multi-tool work table.

Jigsaw table with the MASTER CUT 2600

Mounting the jigsaw upside down on the MASTER CUT 2600 is really easy, as I just have to center the cutting blade in the dedicated slot in the router table insert.

And I put a couple of fixed stops to each side and the corresponding clamping jaws to press the base of the jigsaw. In this case it is a very simple task.

A table for the miter saw

The tabletop of the MASTER CUT 2600 comes with cross slots that allow you to fit a miter saw on it and fix it to the table top with long screws that are included. This multi-tool workbench is foldable and easy to transport, so it can be used as a table for the miter saw both when we work in our workshop and when we go to another job site.

MASTER CUT 2600 workbench

The MASTER CUT 2600 is also in itself a workbench on which we can work, and it is specially adapted to put various clamps that will help us to correctly hold the pieces of wood that we have to cut, sand, drill…

woodworking workbench

That piece of plastic on the metal edge of the MASTER CUT 2600 helps so that the clamp has a good tightening area in the lower part.

There are several of those pieces around this folding multi-tool table, and they also serve as a support area when you fold the table and lay it sideways against a wall.

More features of this multi-tool table, the Machine Table MASTER cut 2600

The table saw miter gauge

I like that the miter gauge slides snugly into the metal slot in the table top of this multi-tool table.

Special plastic parts ensure that the miter gauge fits snugly into the slot. It does slide a little harder than I’d like, but I prefer it to have it too lose. In any case, I hope that little by little it softens.

This miter gauge also comes with a scale to adjust the angle at which we want to cut the miter and a large knob that makes it easy to loosen or tighten it at a specific cutting angle.

Side fence for the table saw

The table saw side fence comes standard with the MASTER CUT 2600.

side fence for the master cut 2600 table saw

This side fence has two clamping levers, one at each end. And to help us get it parallel with the table saw cutting disc, the metal rails on witch this fence slides on are marked with a scale in centimeters and millimeters.

System for leveling the machine plate

The MASTER CUT 2600 comes with a metal plate to which the power tools are attached with the help of fixed stops and a kind of clamping jaws that we press on with wing nuts. Wolfcraft calls it the machine plate.

system for leveling the plate of the master cut machine table

That machine plate has special screws under each corner to level its surface with the surface of the rest of the table top of this multi-tool table. A fairly simple task to do.

The table saw riving knife

Wolfcraft sells a special riving knife that mounts to the MASTER CUT 2600. I like that it’s wide and it’s easy to adjust with the height of the table saw disc.

table saw with circular saw and riving knife

The first installation of the riving knife can be a bit messy (in the video above I show how I installed it) and it needs our full attention, but after it is installed it is very easy to adjust and remove and put on back again.

The manual specifies that you should not use a circular saw without a riving knife , and if you don’t have one you should install the riving knife model sold by Wolfcraft.

Wolfcraft sells two sizes of riving knife for the Master cut 2600. Make sure you buy the right one to install along with the circular saw you are going to use.

160mm riving knife for Wolfcraft table saw

For cutting discs up to 160mm.

190mm riving knife for Wolfcraft table saw

For cutting discs from 160mm and up to 200mm.

The Wolfcraft Manuals

If you have never had a Wolfcraft manual in front of you, here is a sample.

Wolfcraft master cut 2600 manual

Wolfcraft manuals don’t have confusing explanations, they’re all super detailed drawings . Every little detail of the real parts are reproduced in the manual.

The Wolfcraft safety switch

It’s been a long time since Wolfcraft has included a great safety switch as standard in its MASTER CUT series of multi-tool workbenches.

Wolfcraft safety switch

Wolfcraft’s safety switch is difficult to turn on unless we put our finger on the green button, and it is easy to turn off even by pressing the red one with the palm of our hand. It has an especial socket for the female end of a power cable extension and a socket with a protection cover where you can plug in the corresponding power tool.

Wolfcraft MASTER CUT 2600

Wolfcraft Machine table MASTER CUT 2600 Review.

Enredando No Garaxe

Easy to start using
Usability after initial adjustments
Ease of transportation
Easy to store


In summary I would say that the MASTER CUT 2600 by Wolfcraft is a work table that surprised me , since at first I thought that it would be more difficult to install the power tools and that it would be unstable, but after doing the first installation of the circular saw, it is already easy to exchange the different power tools.

It couldn’t be more versatile . Easily switch between table saw, router table and jigsaw table. And it also serves as a workbench. Of course, the tools and some accessories are purchased separately.

It’s not going to have the precision of a good quality table saw or router table you can buy, but it handles very well.

The stability is better than it seems at first glance. During testing I didn’t notice the table shifting or making any weird movements. So despite how light it seems, it turned out to have enough stability to cut and route the wood without much problem.

The first installation of the circular saw needs our full attention, but in the manual everything is explained with very detailed drawings.

Once the first adjustments have been made, the power tools are relatively easy to exchange .

It is very easy to fold and store . And it is easy to transport, considering that it is a work table. In a small workshop like mine, being able to fold the table so easily and being able to store it is great for me.

And even more, being able to install a riving knife on the table saw is a plus that greatly improves safety.

Of course, to get the most out of it, we have to buy the router table fence and the riving knife separately.

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