Adjust the side guide.

Makeshift micro adjuster for table saw fence

Adjusting my homemade side guide fairly accurately is not too complicated, as it slides easily and parallel to my table saw‘s cut-off wheel, but it is still tight and snug enough to require a little effort to move it. Thus, for an adjustment of the guide of a distance as small as one millimeter, just a few small taps with the fingertips and with the metal ruler tucked underneath I can control the distance I move it. And if I can move the slide by tapping on the side of the slide to move it such small distances, or even smaller distances, one option may be to use a screw that pushes or pulls the slide. I just need a way to turn and anchor the screw.

As a screw I will use a 6mm threaded rod. The advantage is that a complete turn of the rod causes very little displacement. And that is also the disadvantage, since using a threaded rod to move the guide more than a few millimeters will mean turning it many turns. This was originally intended as a test, but I think it’s good enough for what I need it for. If I had to make it again, I would cut in a V shape the hole where the wooden discs go in order to be able to turn them more easily. Or why not transform the discs into wooden gears and put another larger gear at 90º on the wooden blocks with a small crank. This way I could advance the screw faster and it would be more comfortable to turn.

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