Modifying woodworking template with the disc sander

My woodworking and DIY videos in English

All my woodworking videos in English sorted by categories. And also some videos with do-it-yourself projects. These are all videos from my woodworking channel Woodworking With DIY Tools, on YouTube. Many of them have a post in this blog with photos and more explanations. In addition, you also have a search engine to easily find the video you are looking for. And if you like my woodworking videos, thanks for watching the videos in my channel and subscribing 🙂

You can find all my videos in YouTube in

Here are also some playlists:

Amazing jigsaw jigs: watch in YouTube
Wooden box: watch in YouTube
Woodworking sanders: watch in YouTube
Box joints jigs: watch in YouTube
DIY workbench vises: watch in YouTube
Hinges and locks: watch in YouTube
Woodworking jigs: watch in YouTube
Drill press: watch in YouTube
Woodworking clamps: watch in YouTube
DIY table jigsaw: watch in YouTube

As you can see, all these years uploading videos to YouTube are enough for a great variety of videos. And although these I show here are a wide sample, you can find them all in my DIY and woodworking channel.

As you may already know, you can also find many of my woodworking projects sorted by categories in this blog, as well as my do it yourself projects.

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