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Homemade table saw with lift

In this post, with its corresponding video, we see how I made a homemade table saw with a disc saw, or circular saw, attached to the bottom of a plywood board.

Miter saw and disc saw. enredandonogaraxe.club

I no longer know how many times I said that I did not like the invention of the miter saw arm as table saw, which gave me a lot of problems. The cutting disc was not kept vertical, but tilted back and forth as it rotated. After trying everything, my impression is that the shaft may be a little twisted and against that there is nothing I can do.

A few days ago (maybe a little more) I bought a new 1200W Ryobi circular saw. And I will use it to make my table saw instead of with the miter saw arm.

Disc saw under the table. enredandonogaraxe.com

But, the thing is that when I was back home I realized that it doesn't have a riving knife, like the little Bosh circular saw that I also have, so I'm thinking of some system to put one riving knife on the table saw. But in the meantime I will install this in a similar way as when I made my first table saw (this one) with the Bosh circular saw.

Insert and fixing screws. enredandonogaraxe.club

As you will see in the video, the installation is simple and the only problem is to adjust it so that the disk is parallel to the lateral guide that we may already have installed. Since the saw is held in place with self-locking nuts and bolts, one option is to fit one of the screws and pivot the saw until it is perfectly parallel. I suppose that if your tabletop is large, this can be a bit complicated, but I have the advantage that the tabletop of my table saw is made with small, very manageable and easy-to-remove boards.

Maximum cutting depth. enredandonogaraxe.club

Did I say the only problem? It turns out that because this circular saw has more power, it also has a bigger electric motor. The circular saw itself is attached to its base by means of small pieces of metallic sheet where it articulates, to allow it to be tilted, and also to change the depth of cut. If you look at them, these small pieces of sheet do not look like a big deal, and in fact they are not totally rigid, and even they twist with the lateral efforts that are applied to the circular saw. The result is that the cutting disc does not stay perfectly vertical.

Luckily, when I install the table saw disc lift system, it holds the electric motor keeping the cutting disc vertical.

How to tilt the saw blade. enredandonogaraxe.club

I suppose these saws are not designed to be used upside down, since in that position the weight of the motor itself twists the metallic sheets enough so that the cutting disc deviates slightly from the vertical. And that occurs even though I have turned the tilt adjusting screw until the metallic sheet touches the circular saw base.

Likewise, if I file the plate to be able to tilt the saw a little more, I can compensate for the mismatch due to the weight of the motor. Another possibility would be to fasten the motor with some type of flange or with some wooden structure, but that would eliminate the possibility of regulating the cutting height of the blade, so it will be my last option.

Home lift system. enredandonogaraxe.club

I think that a lift system , in addition to allowing me to adjust the depth of cut, will help to hold the weight of the electric motor. At the moment I think of two possibilities: one is using the same lift that I had made when I made the table saw with the miter saw arm, but that will not allow me to tilt the blade; and the other possibility is an idea that works with cables that I think would allow me to cut at XNUMXº, although the truth is that so far I never needed this type of cuts.

Make cuts at 45 degrees. enredandonogaraxe.club

But, well, if you follow my YouTube channel, sure you already know that in the end I used the table saw blade lifting system that I had made for the miter saw arm. And with that lifting system I CAN'T tilt the disc to 45 degrees or to any other angle. But hey, I made a table saw sled that allows me to make some of those 45 degrees cuts with enough precision. You can watch how it works and how I make this XNUMX degrees cross cuts table saw sled in the following video.

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  1. Maybe the solution is to put some adjustable base-motor coupling, with which it would already remain in the same position, I have a wire with flanges to compensate the weight of the motor, but nothing to do with yours!

  2. I just bought the same saw to use on a table. Regardless of the problems that I see you have, I find that the trigger cannot be locked in its "on" position. What solution have you given to this problem?

    1. If you watch the other video where I make a table saw with another saw, I lock the trigger with tape. Another option is to use a zip tie. You will have to connect it to a power extension with a switch installed to that extension and attached to the table. Better if it is a safety switch, to avoid accidentally turning it on.

    1. For this saw I have not done it yet. You can see how I did the one I had on the table saw made with the miter saw. Look for it in the "carpentry projects" in the section "how to make a table saw"

  3. Agusti Parramona Gros

    I have already found the video that explains what I asked you about the circular saw.
    Excuse me and I'll see how you did it.
    Thank you

  4. Thanks for your videos. For me it would be a great help if you put the measurements (length and width) of the table, and position of the saw according to your experience. A hug and a greeting from Italy. Sorry for my Spanish, the truth is that you are self-taught.

    1. Enredando No Garaxe

      Thanks Giorgio. Your Spanish is perfect 🙂 Look in my blog for the entry "workshop table structure" There I give the measurements I used to make the table. a greeting

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