How to paint with the right non toxic paint for a children's room

Non toxic paint suitable for children’s rooms and furniture

When we want to paint a children’s room, for our children, we usually worry a lot about whether the type of paint we are going to use is suitable for children’s environments, if it is toxic or non toxic. Fortunately today there are special paints on the market that give us all the guarantees so that we can be totally calm, and that the only concern we have is to choose the colors that we like the most of the usually wide range of colors in the market.

In this case I am going to use Xylazel Aire Sano Paint Suitable for Children´s Environments, which is a water-based paint suitable for children’s rooms. This paint is certified A+, ecolabel, complies with the safety standard for application on children’s furniture and toys and is endorsed by the Spanish Association of Pediatrics. – Notice that what a non toxic paint, or a low VOC or non VOC paint is depends on the regulations of your country or state regarding the paint. This paint meets lots of standards and requirements and criteria about that subject. Don’t forget to read the labels about it and the product page in the manufacturer website.

Ecological low VOC paint in a bucket with built-in grille

The first thing to do is to cover furniture and floor of the room with plastic or paper, tape baseboards, door and window frames and electrical outlets. In this project I am going to use purple lilac for the walls, and as soon as I open the can I see that as I had been told I don’t need a painter’s bucket, since the lid of the paint cube itself serves to drain the paint from the roller and load it with the correct amount. As it is odorless and covers very well, this ecological paint is very convenient and easy to apply. With a brush I paint the area closest to the tape I used for taping, and then I finish the job with the painter’s roller.

Ecological paint for children's rooms with blackboard effect

When painting a children’s room, you also need to add a fun touch. Therefore, so that the children can paint on the wall, I take advantage of the chalkboard effect of this low VOC paint to paint a small chalkboard in the shape of a cloud. I draw the shape with the help of a stencil, outline the outside with a small brush and finish painting the inside of this chalkboard using a small roller.

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