Painting a pallet table with decorative lasur

Painting pallet side table with decorative water based wood stain

Lately pallet furniture has become quite fashionable, so with a couple of pallets we decided to make a wooden side table for the living room. And to match the walls of the room I’m going to give it a nice decorative finish.

Sanding and cleaning the surface of pallet furniture

Pallets don’t usually come clean, nor do they tend to be of the highest quality wood, so after cleaning them thoroughly I use a 120 grit sandpaper block to get a smoother surface. And then I apply a protective primer, which in addition to protecting the pallet wood from fungi and insects will help to unify the decorative finish that I will apply next.

As soon as the protective primer is dry I can apply the decorative water based finish. In this case I will use Xylazel Deco Lasur, specifically the combination of Provencal gray with pearl effect.

Apply Xylazel decorative pearl effect water based wood stain
Apply the water based wood stain by brush in the direction of the grain.

I apply the base color in the direction of the grain, spreading it well. And as it is a wood stain, it does not cover the wood completely, but it is absorbed and the wood grain is enhanced. After 30 minutes I could apply a second coat, but I will apply directly the decorative pearl effect. I apply a generous coat and immediately I see how the gray color is acquiring the pearl effect I was looking for.
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