Plans of a pallet garden chair.

Woodworking plans to make the one Pallet Adirondack Lawn Chair

Here you can see the plans for this Adirondack style garden chair, including the cutting diagram of the pallet wood boards that can be recycled from one European pallet. Explanations on how to assemble all the parts of this pallet furniture and a detailed step by step video of how to make the Adirondack lawn chair with the pallet boards.

The boards that I am going to use come from dismantling a European pallet, and they come in three sizes: 120cm by 14cm, 80cm by 14cm and 120cm by 10cm. Here are the woodworking plans with the cutting diagrams. If you count the number of boards on an European pallet (11 boards) you can see that it is not necessary to use all of them.

Plans of the side of the pallet Adirondack chair.

After cutting the pallet boards I start assembling the two pieces that will form the sides of the lawn chair seat, the back legs and the backrest. As you can see in the plans in the first picture, the measurements show that the backrest and the seat have the same length, so I can use the backrest to locate its position on the seat and so the position of the block to be placed behind the backrest board. The video shows how to make this Adirondack pallet chair step by step.

Plans of the middle part of the backrest of the pallet chair.

Now I assemble the central pieces of the seat and the backrest. This time it is the 80cm (800mm) piece that will be the backrest of the chair and the 40cm (800mm) piece will be the central board of the seat. In the plan you can see that I put a block under the seat middle board, but later, to give more strength to this Adirondack chair, I will put there a board that will span the entire width of the seat.

The three pieces that form the backrest are placed on the worktable, and so the seat boards are vertically and upwards. Then, now the 72cm board is screwed behind the backrest. It protrudes the sides of the backrest quite a lot, because it will also be the support for the wide armrests typical of Adirondack chairs. In principle the spacing between boards is 1 cm, but as pallet boards may not be exactly 14 cm wide, it is important to ensure that the width of the backrest is 44 cm wide.

Screw the crossbar on the front of the chair.

One of the 44cm pallet boards is placed under the seat boards, 6cm from the front. The boards are clamped with a couple of F clamps and that they can be screwed together.

This cross member has to be flush with the sides of the seat, so if necessary the seat boards are forced a little to align their edge flush with the ends of the crossbar.

Screw the front legs of the pallet lawn chair.

Once I have cut the legs I have to mount them. To know where to drill the pilot holes I mark the contour of the seat and the front crossbar on the legs. I drill the pilot holes and I screw the legs.

It only remains to screw in place the wide armrests so typical of these Adirondack patio chairs, although for this it is better to first file the parts of the support that protrudes from both sides of the backrest. I want to leave the top edge of the support horizontal so that the armrests “rests” better in place.

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