Squaring carriage with the jigsaw. enredandonogaraxe.club

Precise cuts in wood with the jigsaw table

Given how well the jigsaw cuts with the guide that keeps the blade vertical, I only needed a squaring carriage to make precise cuts at 90 degrees and to obtain cuts as precise as those that are achieved with the table saw. Although it must be borne in mind that the wood is cut much more slowly with the jigsaw.

If you follow my YouTube channel, you will know that my Jig Saw Table is one of the tools I use the most in my home carpentry workshop.

Trolley for precise 90 degree cuts with jigsaw

This car is easier to make than the squaring trolley for circular table saw, but the operating principle is the same: two slats slide parallel to the cutting direction of the saw blade, and on the slats there is a plate to which another slat is screwed to serve as support for the wood to be cut. and that it is at 90º with the cutting direction. Thus, by supporting the wood that we want to cut against the support strip, we achieve precise cuts straight and at 90 degrees. Since the groove in the sheet metal and the support strip have just the thickness of the cutting blade, we can use these guide grooves to adjust the position of the wood and cut precisely. In addition, those grooves so tight to the blade serve to greatly reduce chipping that occurs during cutting.

See how I did this ->keyhole saw table with a jigsaw for wood.

Guide base for cutting at 90 degrees. enredandonogaraxe.club

To make this cart to guide the wood in the table jigsaw I wanted to improvise on the fly, and take advantage of the wood cuttings that I had in the workshop, that's why the slats were a bit short and the marquetry sheet looks like that So old. The support strip is thick enough to sit very firmly on top of the marquetry veneer, and although I thought it would be a good idea if it were a little higher, it would probably be perfect for most of the wood strips that I cut with this system.

In the end I had a problem that does not allow me to align the sheet correctly and the cuts started to come out crooked. Look at this post about problems with the car for cuts at 45º. I think with a saw with a higher quality cutter blade anchor I will correct it.

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