How to make and install closet doors

I put the doors panel and how to install the cabinet doors

In the previous post we saw how to make doors of small wardrobe. They are for a closet in my carpentry workshop, and I made them by connecting the stringers and the door sills with tubillons. Now I want to mill a groove on the inside to put the panels on. And since the ease or difficulty of installing doors often depends on the type of hinges that we want to put, I am going to install the doors in the closet with easy-to-put hinges.

How to install the wooden door panel

Template for milling a slot in the doors

I need to hold the doors in some way so they don't move when milling the slot. So, I assemble the door frames without gluing, and on a board I make a simple template to fit the doors into. Thus, by screwing a few pieces of slats around the door frame, it will not move and it will be easy to mill the slot inside.

Lift to mill the groove with the router bit

But the bearing grooving bit I'm going to use to mill the grooves would trip over the template's wood base, so I lift the door frame over a few thin pieces of wood slats. Just enough so that the slotting bit does not hit the base, but so that the door frame still fits into the template.

Milling groove inside the doors

Then, I adjust the position of the grooving cutter to mill a groove centered on the edge of the slats that form the doors. And I mill a groove on the inside of all the doors. I have to take into account, when I make the panels, that the grooves that I have just milled are rounded inside the corners, with a radius equal to that of the milling cutters.

Measure the size of the door panel

Now I measure and cut the panels to cover the inside of the doors. The height of the panels will be the height of the door opening plus twice the depth of the slot. And I take a couple of millimeters to make sure the panels will fit smoothly. And the width will be the width of the door opening plus twice the depth of the slot. And I remain a couple of millimeters.

Anyway, to avoid surprises, it is recommended to install the panels dry before gluing them.

Round the corners of the door panels

The panels are cut from a marquetry board with a thickness equal to that of the slot. And with the disc sander I round the corners so that they fit snugly into the rounded corners of the grooves I just milled.

Mount the wooden doors with the panel

And finally I install the panels and mount the doors. I think that solid wood panels are not usually glued, but I usually glue these marquetry and they never gave me problems. So in addition to gluing the unions with guts, I also apply a thin bead of carpenter's glue to the grooves.

Long sergeants for gluing doors

And I use my carpenter long sergeants to hold down the joints while the glue dries.

How to put the hinges and install the wooden doors

Put hinges easy to install

I am going to install hinges that are very easy to put on. These have spikes on the base that allow you to mark the position in which to put them. So, once we have the hinges where we want them, we press them against the wood. And now I can put them back in the same place just by fitting the skewers into the marks.

So to install the hinges I start by measuring and marking their position on the edge of the doors.

Screw the hinges to the doors

I remove the hinge pin, which in this model comes out very easy, I put the part of the hinges that goes on the edge of the doors in place, and screw them.

Chock the door to install hinges

Now I want to screw the hinges to the cabinet frame. And for this I have to reassemble the hinges with their pin.

In making these closet doors I made sure they were a little smaller than the closet hole. So I put a piece of cardboard to lift the doors a little, trying to avoid rubbing the closet on top and bottom.

Mark the position where to put the hinges

I present the doors in position, and press the hinges so that the skewers leave their position mark on the frame of the closet.

Put the hinges on the frame and screw

I remove the hinge pin again and screw the corresponding halves into the cabinet frames. And once I have them bolted, to finish installing the hinges I have to fit the door halves with the cabinet halves. And I put the pins back on.

You already know that installing hinges usually gives a lot of headaches, but some models make things easy for us 🙂.

Install kitchen door magnet

To avoid complicating the door locking system, I can install magnets for kitchen cabinets.

Put a wooden handle

I still have to drill some holes to put some wooden handles to open and close the doors ...

Check that they open and close

And I check that I can open and close the wardrobe without problems. I think that installing hinges like these was a success, since in addition to being very easy to put on, they work very well, which makes putting doors like these a simple task.

The only problem I have after putting the doors in is that they rub a little. This happens because the cabinet is a little crooked and its corners are not perfect at 90 degrees. It could cut the doors a little, but being a workshop closet I don't mind if they rub a little. And I prefer that to risk leaving them very loose.

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