How to apply teak oil

How to restore the color of teak chairs

Many of us have teak furniture in the garden, since they fulfill two very important qualities to be used as garden furniture, they are very beautiful and they are very resistant to the elements. But over time, they gradually lose color and sometimes even turn gray. In this project I am going to apply teak oil to a teak chair, to protect the wood, recover the color of the teak and make it look like new.

Sanding the teak chair
Sand all the teak wood

To carry out this project I am going to use Xylazel oil for teak, a product that is composed of natural oils and resins that penetrate the pores to nourish and enrich the wood. The first thing is to sand, with a medium grain sandpaper, all the wooden surfaces of the chair. This will help remove any stains that may have appeared, and the product will also penetrate the wood better. If the teak furniture has some varnish or some paint was given at some point and now we want to recover the original color, we can apply a stripper. It can also happen that the wood is very grayed, for which we can use a grayed wood cleaner.

Apply a generous coat of teak oil

Once the teak chair is sanded, I clean the dust well and brush it with a generous coat of teak oil. This product is very easy to apply, penetrating the wood very well and leaving a very homogeneous color. These furniture are usually made with a multitude of slats, so I just have to worry about covering all its nooks and crannies well.

Cover all surfaces well with teak oil
Spread teak oil well

Once I have applied the product to all surfaces, I wait 15 minutes, letting the wood absorb the oil well. With a clean cloth, the excess oil on the brush, and after 15 minutes, with the clean brush, I spread the oil well over the entire surface. In 24 hours the chair is ready to give you another hand, although in this case it was no longer necessary.

To shine, spread a thin layer with a cloth

To finish and leave a brighter finish on this teak chair, when the oil is dry I can take a lint-free cloth, moisten it in the oil, and with quick movements I apply a thin layer over the entire surface.

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