Fix chairs with rotten boards.

Repair lawn chairs that have rotten boards

La ventaja de estas sillas de jardín es que al no tener uniones complicadas es relativamente sencillo arrancar las tablas podridas en mal estado y poner otras en su lugar. Y como las podemos arreglar fácilmente, estas sillas de jardín nos durarán mucho tiempo, no como las de plástico.

Matthias tells us what he learned during this repair and recommends that if the case arises and while we are at it, we take the opportunity to see where the boards are rotting. And it is only by paying attention that one can learn a lot, although we must always keep in mind that no matter how much we look and want to copy what we have seen, the lack of knowledge can play very bad tricks on us. I personally like to look at how the furniture is built to have more design possibilities, but as I have not studied carpentry I prefer to stay in a size of furniture that guarantees me stability and few problems with the expansion of the wood. ¿? I don’t know, sometimes I have the impression that I repeat myself when I write … it’s the same, it’s okay to repeat if it’s to repair or improve, or even if it’s just to remember.

As always you have the link to this Woodgears article in the woodworking projects tab of this blog and there go to woodgears translations (#17). And if you like those garden chairs, there you also have the link to the translated article where he shows how he makes them and to the plans (nº 8).

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