Router table fence and table saw fenceNow that I have my router table and my table saw, I just need a fence to work comfortably. Now I almost look like a real woodworker with my homemade woodworking combination machine. Clamping a wooden bar to use it like a router table fence, or like a table saw fence, is neither comfortable nor precise. So, because I have both, the router and the saw, installed in the same table, I thought that instead of making a fence to use with the router, and another one to use with the saw, it can be a good idea to make a double fence system that slides on the table.


How to glue and clamp the parts of the fence systemTo make this router table fence, and table saw fence, I use a couple of mdf pieces. These have the same dimensions of the plywood pieces that I bought and that I used to make my table board. This time I didn’t use plywood because I didn’t want to wait until the DIY centre had more pieces of plywood, so I bought them of mdf (I should wait for the plywood. The pieces of mdf are not exactly the same dimensions of the plywood, and it should be, so that the fence perfectly fits on the sides of the table board).

Ball bearing metal drawer slides under the fenceTo make this sliding fence system I’ve also used a couple of ball bearing metal drawer slides. I thought they would give a perfect parallel movement to the fence, but finally I had to put a couple of wooden bars in the sides of the fence to fit it in the sides of the table. After some wax now it moves nice and perfectly parallel.

With this router table fence and table saw fence, I can easily adjust both, the wide of the cut in my table saw and the distance from the fence to the edge of the router bit. I can do that with precision using a screw fence adjustment. Besides I can clamp some feather boards to it. And I also have a place to fit a vacuum cleaner hose. Now I can route or cut grooves. And I also can cut drawer dovetail joints.

Vacuum cleaner box behind the router table fenceHomemade knob to lock the sliding fence

Router table, sliding fence and gate to install the zero clearance insertJust one problem. That thin zero clearance insert wasn’t a good idea. It is better to use something thicker. Finally I had to improve this router table fence making another router fence attached to this one.