How to sharpen a chisel using a sharpening jig

Sharpening chisels with a sharpening jig

In the best case we haven’t used them for anything apart from what they were design for. We buy them, we use them, we store them improperly and we don´t remember them until we need them again (well, that’s what I do).

The thing is not how to store them, may be that will be someday a post in this blog, but how to sharpen them correctly so we don’t have to buy a new one each time we need one. That’s because if we want the chisel to be useful, and easy to to use and to make its tasks correctly it must be perfectly sharpen. And the easiest way to sharpen them is using a sharpening jig.

Video with subtitles in English:


I always tried to sharpen them freehand using a wet stone or a grinder. The problem making it freehand is that it is needed a lot of practice to get a perfectly flatten bevel surface with the edge and the chisel sides at a 90º angle. I never had what I expected because I don´t have the experience I need. The best option is to use an inexpensive sharpening kit that will help us to put the chisel bevel in the correct position while we sharpen it.

The sharpening kit I will use consists of a honing guide, a wet stone with a coarse grit side and a fine grit side and lubricant oil. I will use some wet and dry sandpaper too.

Chisels sharpening jig, stone and sandpaperGross grit metal sandpaper

You can see in my video or in many other videos in YouTube that using the sharpening jig on sandpaper can be as good or even better as using it on the wet stone.

How to use a chisels sharpening jigHow to set the chisel in the sharpening jig

The wood whisperer has this video where he explains how he sharpens the chisels (45 minutes), and this video in startwoodworking is very interesting too. Basically they tell the same but explaining their own tricks in a more detailed way than I do in my video. I recommend you to watch them.

The curious thing in the startwoodworking video is that they use wet and dry sandpaper. You can see in my video that I tried it and the truth is that if we need a coarser grit to recover a very damaged edge or a finer grit to sharpen it more, the easiest way is to resort to sandpaper. Furthermore, another advantage of sandpaper is that it doesn’t absorb as much oil as the stone does. That way we use less oil.

How to make chisels

Finally, in this video from the Discovery Channel they explain how these small but useful tools are made. I´ll try to don’t mistreat them never again.

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