Tenon cutting guide

Simple DIY tenoning jig for table saw

Cutting tenons with a handsaw when we have no experience or patience can be a bit of an ordeal. Learning to make them by hand with the saw is a personal satisfaction as it is the most typical type of wood assembly, the one we all want to make to make our furniture since we see them made so skillfully by old carpenters. The fact is that when we calculate the number of assemblies of this type that we need to make a single piece of wood furniture and how much it costs to cut a single tenon, we immediately think that there must be some way to make them with one of the DIY and carpentry machines that we have in the workshop.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the videos on kickback, as it can also occur in a similar way on the table saw.

Wooden tenon.

We already saw how to make them with the milling machine with a template we made in a post in this blog, but I recognize that this type of template may not be easy to make even if you understand the procedure and follow it step by step. In some video I saw how to make the tenons with the table saw, but as not everyone has a decent table saw (the one I used was the top of a miter saw that could be used as such) you had to first make a table saw with the circular saw (see the previous post on this blog).

Support for cutting tenons.

The system for making tenons with the table saw is very simple. We only need to build a support to keep the lath vertical while we make the cuts. Once we have made the support we adjust the position to make the cuts in the head of the lath. In total there are 8 cuts for each tenon that we can make with only two adjustments as we will see in the video.


Well, everything was going great with this post and the video and it was not to be. The last one is that according to youtube the music I put in the video looks like I don’t know which one is copyrighted. The music I play in the video is this one, which is under creative commons license with attribution (including use and monetization). They gave me the option to claim, so I will wait a couple of days to see if it is solved and if not I will change the music and do something else.

I just noticed that they give one month to attend the claim, so I put the video. The difference is that as long as they do not attend the claim youtube will not give me a single cent for putting ads on my video :(. I will wait to see what happens and if in the end they don’t accept my claim I will remove it, change the music and upload it again. I will let you know.

How fast! In just a couple of days they have already reviewed the claim and accepted it. And I was so upset with the one month deadline. I wish everything could be solved so quickly.

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