Jigsaw table support structure

Round stretcher table as support structure for the jigsaw table

When I made the table jigsaw I was only concerned about having a simple system that would allow me to easily install and uninstall the jigsaw under one piece of plywood board. I didn’t worry too much about how to attach the tabletop to a table structure to hold the jigsaw table top.

Jigsaw support structure

Cut the sides of the round stretcher table top

In addition to not being easy to attach the board to a table, it was also difficult to keep the board with the jigsaw hooked underneath, so I thought that screwing the board to the side of a small round table stretcher would solve both problems. The only modification I had to make to the small round table stretcher was to cut off a couple of the table top overhangs that protrude the sides of the table frame. This allows me to place the stretcher table completely horizontally on my worktable. But the main thing is that now I can also screw the jigsaw table board to the side of the stretcher table structure. Although before screwing the jigsaw table board to the support structure I decided to remove the slats that I had put underneath it when I prepared the clamping system that holds the jigsaw.

Table top of jigsaw table on the side of stretcher table structure

Actually, the biggest problem I ran into was when it came to adjusting the table jigsaw, as I installed a new jigsaw under the plywood board. This one, as I said in the post where I talk about the problems I encountered, has a blade clamping system with no play that keeps the blade aligned in the cutting direction, so I’ll be able to avoid a lot of blade deviations when I use the sleds for square and miter cuts. As the dimensions of the metallic base of this jigsaw are smaller than that of the previous one I had installed, it does not fit between the sheets, and therefore it was necessary to carefully adjust the position. Now that I have the jigsaw shoe adjusted in its correct position, I could glue a few pieces of sheet between the ones I already have and the metal base: If I do that I won’t have to go through a lot of work if I have to take the jigsaw away and put it back on.

Jigsaw orbital action lever

Besides carefully adjusting the position of the jigsaw base, I took special care to make sure that when the blade is in its lowest position it is not below the bearings of the guide that keeps the blade vertical. With this new jigsaw the blade reaches a little lower than with the previous jigsaw, but fortunately in its lower position the back of the jigsaw blade still rests against the plywood behind the guiding bearings. For safety reasons, I decided to move the lever that acts on the orbital action movement so that it pushes the cutting blade fully forward (no orbital movement). Having the blade hit the bottom of the plywood could be catastrophic for the jigsaw.

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