How to use crystal jars to store small pieces

Store small pieces inside crystal jars

Gradually one collects small pieces in the shop and doesn’t know how to store them. I mean all that screws, nails, nuts, washers, bits, hinges, locks … that seems to mess up and hide without need of human help. And even if we try to keep the order with everything stored inside plastic containers, when we use something we hardly put it back in the same place. Another problem is to look for what we need, opening small plastic containers, boxes, cases, … until we find it who knows where.

How to use crystal jars to keep small pieces

Surfing the Internet I found a curious idea that seems to be very useful:  store the most used pieces inside crystal jars, because they are transparent and you can see what they have inside. The idea is not to pile the jars on the shelves but to screw the metallic cover under the shelves and leave them hanging. That way we avoid to let them fighting with everything around them, and because their place is always accessible it is easy to put them back in place. The bad part of the idea: the breaking risk (keep children away). I hope I won´t break anyone with a wooden bar. If that´s the case I´ll show you the photo.

It is something I wanted to try and I have to say it is an idea that works.

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