Sometimes you ask me why carpentry tools to buy and from which hardware store did I buy mine. So in the following links you can find information about some of the electrical woodworking and DIY machines that I use in my workshop and in my videos.

DIY & Woodworking Power Tools

DIY & Woodworking Power Tools

We are going to review the most typical woodworking and DIY electrical tools for wood (although perhaps over time this will expand):

Buy jigsaw

The hand jigsaw:

This is one of the most versatile woodworking tools we can have. And rightly one of the first power tools the hobbyist buys along with the drill.

Buy circular hand saw

The circular hand saw:

A carpentry tool that will help us increase the cutting capacity that we have in our workshop. And so we can dare with projects that with the jig would take us forever and a lot of effort. By cons it can be a dangerous power tool for beginners and not so beginners.

Buy cordless screwdriver

The electric screwdriver: I can assure you that I have destroyed my arms inserting and removing screws with the hand screwdriver. Now it is a quick and easy job. The only power tool that must be battery operated.

Buy woodworking and DIY milling machine

The wood milling machine: This woodworking tool is usually the beginner's great unknown. But when we discovered it, we immediately realized the great leap that our carpentry projects are going to make. It is hardly going to become our favorite tool.

It will be because there are always things that escape us, I am more of those who think they are learners of everything rather than teachers of nothing. But in the articles I try to give as wide an overview as possible of the electrical woodworking machines that are usually used in DIY woodworking.

This information is based on my experience using these woodworking machines and on data that I have been collecting. In each case I will tell you what specific power tool I have, what things I like or dislike about those carpentry and DIY tools, or if I am satisfied with it.

This page will be completed little by little, so it will continue 🙂

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