Translations I Build It in Spanish

Translating articles and videos is a lot of work and takes up a lot of time, but it is something you appreciate very much. However, right now I don’t have the time to continue translating.

Guide to the I Built it Spanish translations page

The links will take you directly to the translated articles on his blog and in the article you will find the corresponding video with subtitles. There is also the link to the post on my blog where I talk about the translated article.

1- Foldable and transportable table saw -> see here

Need to make yourself a useful and travel-friendly table saw? In this article you have an easy to make one, which needs few materials and with a good side guide.

Includes video with Spanish subtitles.

Folding homemade table saw

2- Wooden sergeant almost the same as the real and flat ones -> see here

I don’t know how many types of wooden sergeants John Heisz has already made, but this one is for sure the most striking, as it is almost the same as the real thing.

Includes video with Spanish subtitles.

Wooden sergeant

3- How to make a compass to draw small circles -> see here

If you’ve never had to draw a circle with a very small diameter you may not see the need for something like this, but once we make this little compass with wood, a nail, a screw with a wing nut and epoxy, we’re sure to end up using it in our workshop more than we think.

Includes video with Spanish subtitles

Compass for small circles

4- How to make a compass of sticks -> see here

Another compass, this one with rods for large circles, although with a little bit of pulse it also works for those of smaller diameter. It may not be a tool you’ll get much use out of, but you’ll be glad you have it the day you need it. Includes video

How to make trammel points and beam compass

5- Disc and belt sander -> see here

You may think it is a complicated machine to make, but with the plans and the information in the article on how to assemble it, it is a simpler project than it may seem. And it works with a drill, to make things easier.

Sanding disc for drill.

-> My very simple disc sander for drill.

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