Woodgears translations to Spanish

Woodgears Translations in Spanish

I am gradually translating articles by Matthias Wandel(Woodgears). They need a lot of work to be translated, but I think that, especially those of you who don’t speak English, will appreciate it. At first it was about translating the blog articles into Spanish, but as they usually come with at least one video, I am also translating the YouTube videos that appear in the articles so that I can add subtitles to them.

Translating articles and videos is a lot of work and takes up a lot of time, but I will continue to do it as much as possible, as it is something you value very highly. If you want to financially support this translation activity (and this blog) you can do it with a small donation (you choose the amount after clicking on the donate button).

This picture will help you to know where each link takes you.

Woodgears translations to Spanish
Guide to know what each link is

The following links will take you directly to the translated articles on his blog and in the article you will find the corresponding video with subtitles.

In each issue you will find several links.

First steps in the carpentry hobby

1- Starting with the carpentry hobby -> see here

An article where he gives his opinion on how to get started with your woodworking hobby, which machines to buy first and how to move forward.

How to build a workbench

2- How to build a simple and sturdy workbench -> see here

Easy-to-makeworkbench. Includes video with Spanish subtitles.

How to build a table

3- How to build a table -> see here

Easy to fabricate and easy to disassemble if necessary.

3B- How to make a simple and resistant wooden table -> see here

Includes video with subtitles

Dovetail joint guides with the table saw

4- Template for dovetail assemblies with table saw -> see here

Templates for cutting dovetail joints with the table saw. Including: Building the template for the teeth -> see here

Constructing the template for the queues -> see here

Using the dovetail jig with the table saw -> see here

Impossible looking dovetail joint -> see here

Cutting dovetail joints on a milling table -.

How to make a bench for the patio, for the siesta

5- How to make a patio bench -> see here

Simple patio bench with plans. Although it looks more like a napping bed.

Plans of this lounger -> see here

Garden lounger

Horizontal drilling guide

6- Guide for horizontal drilling -> see here

Simple guide to hold the drill and drill horizontal holes.

How to separate parts at equal distances

7- Spacing slats at equal distances -> see here

If you do not know how to space the strips or pieces that will form your furniture at equal distances, here is an explanation that will make things easier for you.

How to make beautiful garden chairs

8- Garden chairs -> see here
If you have a garden, a porch or a terrace, these chairs are always useful to relax a little. In addition, chair plans are also included -> see here.

Garden chairs

Pallet wood chair <- This is a garden chair made by me.

How to make a bed

9- Building a bed -> see here

If you are wondering how to build a bed, here is a simple one to make. This is a good project to do yourself. Includes bed plans -> see here.

Gear drawing program

10- Template generator for gears -> see here

Making wooden gears may be more of a curiosity than anything else, but you never know when you might need them to make a gadget with wooden gears that you can think of. Includes:

Help. Legend -> see here

Making wooden gears with plywood -> see here

How to make wooden gears -> see here

Planetary gear ratio calculations -> see here

How to build a wooden porch with railing

11- Building a wooden terrace -> see here

Maybe you have a concrete platform or something similar where you would like to put a wooden deck with railing. This article may help you.

How to make a small garden tool shed

12- Building a garden tool shed -> see here

A garden shed to store tools or whatever you can fit inside. Includes free SketchUp drawings.

How to make cantilever shelving for the garage

13- How to build a garage shelf -> see here

Who doesn’t need some shelving in the garage to stop storing everything on the floor? One option is to make your own, and this is a fairly simple way. I also translated the article of the garage shelving plans(see here) where it also gives more explanations about its manufacture.

Cantilever shelving

Ted carpentry drawings, carpentry package

14- Ted carpentry package, Ted carpentry plans -> see here

I’m sure you already know about this Ted and his plans. Our recommendation is not to buy them. If you want Mathias’ opinion in the link you have the Spanish translation.

TED’s woodworking plans

Letter generator program for stencils or stencils

15- Letter generator for stencil stencil -> see here

A simple letter generator designed to cut letters into wood blocks for copying with the pantograph.

How to make a beautiful wooden pirate sword

16- Making a pirate sword -> see here

Woodenpirate sword, one of those curved swords, with handguard and all.

How to make a pirate sword

How to repair rotten garden chairs

17- Rotten wood / repairing garden chairs -> see here

Wooden chairs rot -> we repair them. Plastic ones break -> oops!. Includes video with subtitles.

Fixing garden chairs

Guide for cutting wide grooves with the circular saw

18- Guide for cutting grooves or dado type boxes with a circular saw -> see here

Cutting a groove exactly the width of the wood we want to fit into it can be ….. So simple?

Guide for grooves given with the circular saw
My guide for 90º cuts with the circular saw

Join several circular blades together for wider cuts

19- Joining circular saw blades to cut dado type slots -> see here

An inexpensive substitute for dado blade sets for slotting. It can be scary, but no scarier than real dice type games.

Joining sheets for wider cuts

Homemade table saw by Matthias Wandel

20- Homemade table saw made with circular saw -> see here

Yes, many of us were already able to make our own homemade table saw in a very simple way, but you know that Matthias has his own style of doing these things.

Table saw by Matthias Wandel
Simplest homemade table saw


Fabrication of table saw from circular saw (2 parts) -> see here

Fabrication of side guide for homemade table saw -> see here

Alignment and grooves for sliding guide -> see here

Base for homemade table saw -> see here

Painting table saw -> see here

Things learned and what I would do differently -> see here

Effects of table saw misalignment -> view here

Under bed drawers

21- Drawers for under-bed storage -> see here

We worked on one of those woodworking projects we love so much, got more storage space and avoided dust under the bed, what more could you ask for? -> for the free drawer plans(see here).

Under-bed drawers on wheels

Roller skate for moving?

22- Board with wheels -> see here

It’s probably not something you’d want to see your kids play with, but it’s a simple and inexpensive way to make a wheeled platform that’s always good for moving packages or for moving house.

Wheeled platform

Wooden puzzle in the shape of a pyramid

23- Wooden pyramid puzzle -> see here

These puzzles always catch our attention, and this one even looks simple to do. It seems simple to make in every way, the one to make it and the one to put the three pieces together. It seems.

Wooden puzzle

Magic propeller game

24- Magic propeller -> see here

A very curious, and it seems whimsical, propeller, this one from the Hui game. But the truth is that there is a physical explanation behind its movement, so if you are curious stop to discover the secrets of the propeller.

Magic propeller

Various wood supports for carpentry tools

25- Wall brackets for tools -> see here

If you want some really nice tool holders you will have no choice but to make some personalized ones out of wood. They will give you work, but you can be sure that they will attract the attention of those who enter your workshop.

Tool support

Wooden drawer slides

26- Wooden slides for drawers -> see here

After going through the trouble of making drawers for a chest of drawers or a chest of drawers, why not put some wooden slides in them? Forget about metal drawer slides and take a look at this article where Matthias shows us several systems of wooden slides and tells us how to make them slide better.

Drawer slides

Organizing tray made of wood

27- Organizer for small parts -> see here
Sometimes we buy drawer organizers similar to these and think that it can’t be that difficult to make out of wood, but the truth is that there is a trick to it: cut the slots that are in the same position all at the same time.

Drawer dividers

Connecting shelves of shelving with tubular bolts

28- How to make a DVD shelf -> see here

Fitting all those holes in the shelves and sides of the shelf can be crazy, but with a scribe or two and a pillar drill, believe it or not, it can be done. Everything is based on getting all the pieces cut exactly the same and having the measurements adjusted in the scribe to transfer them without errors.

DVD shelf cabinet

Fabrication of table with tenoning guide and tubulars

29- Joining beams to table legs with tubular bolts -> see here

In this case, Matthias cut the stringers to tuck the table legs a little further inward, under the tabletop. But the same process could be used to manufacture the structure of a simple table with a dowel guide and 12mm tubing.

Modification of wooden table with tenoning fence

Woodgears copying pantograph

30- Woodgears 3D copying pantograph -> see here

Matthias Wandel’s milling machine pantograph is perhaps one of his woodworking machines that we can get the most out of in a modest woodworking shop. With it we will be able to carve incredible signs to give as gifts or for sale, even customizing them. And the plans are very affordably priced, although perhaps that type of milling machine is not.

Pantograph for carving wooden signs Includes: Making the pantograph -> see here

How to carve letters for wooden sign -> see here

How to mount a Dremel multi-tool -> see here

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