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The links to the translated articles can be found in the“woodworking projects” tab. There you go to woodgears translations and you have the list with the translated articles, some with the corresponding video with Spanish subtitles also translated by me. I guess many of you know Mattias Wandel, from Woodgears.ca (if you don’t know the site you are already going through it. It’s one of the best woodworking blogs you’ll find). A few days ago he asked for volunteers to translate some of his articles mainly into Spanish, as many of the visitors to his website often ask him to do so.

As I believe that those of you who visit my blog will find his articles interesting, I have decided to translate some of them from time to time (it will also be a good task to improve my English). I don’t know how often I will translate any of your articles, this is one of those things that you pick up strongly at the beginning and lose steam over time. At the moment I have two articles and a video and I’m on the third article.

Here are the links to the articles. The translated video is the one you can see in the second article (you have to activate the subtitles, as in my videos). If I see that there is interest and I end up translating on a regular basis, I will put a special tab on my blog.

(Above, in the translations tab you have all the ones I send and hang up). Search this blog for translations of woodgears.

Beginning with the carpentry hobby
How to build a simple and sturdy workbench
How to build a table

It also has three translated into Portuguese (by Moacyr CJ):

Using a self-centralizing cavity centralizing device
How to build wood gratings
How to build prateleiras
How to build a table
Besta de bolihas de gude

And one in German (by Uli Proppe):

Langlochbohrmaschine selbst gebaut

If you speak English and Spanish and you see a translation that does not seem the best to you, I accept comments. This is the best help to improve future translations.

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