Fixing and adjusting a wooden fence.

Adjusting the groove of the wooden fence and the boards length

When I made this height adjustable wooden fence for the dog jumps I wanted to adjust too much the measurements of the groove where the tongue and groove boards enter and the length of those boards. The result was that when I wanted to assemble the fence, once it was finished and the protective stain had dried, the wood boards were very difficult to get in, being stuck halfway in the grooves.

Aside from the fact that applying two coats of stain means eight coats of stain narrowing the groove (two on each inside face of the strips and two on each side of each board), I noticed that the top of one of the strips seems to be leaning inward (part of the problem with buying wood that has been standing upright in a DIY center for a while, it always comes a little twisted and that makes it difficult to work with it).

Straight router bit to widen the grooves.

So, using a straight router bit I touched up the inside of that wood strip. The only problem was that I had to put the side fence of the plunge router on the small flange that was between the other strip and the main post of the support, so the base of the router was elevated over the wood strips. But with a piece of thin plywood under the base I practically leveled the router base.

Clean the groove with the chisel.

Once the milling was done, there was left only a thin strip of wood at the bottom of the groove, but it was easy to remove with the chisel.

También las tablas las corté tan solo dos o tres milímetros más cortas que el largo de la viga de madera que une los soporte laterales en la parte inferior de la valla, por lo que al meterlas en las ranuras en cuanto las inclinaba un poco se encajaban en los laterales y no bajaban hasta su posición. Pero con la plantilla para cortes a 90 grados con la sierra de disco resulta muy sencillo recortar unos milímetros en uno de los extremos de las tablas. Solo con eliminar una rebanada de madera igual al grueso del disco de la sierra más el grueso de esos restos que veis en la foto fue suficiente. Lijé un poco los cortes, apliqué las dos capas de tinte en ellos y la valla quedó lista.

Cómo hacer una valla de madera de altura regulable:

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