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Here you will find the posts of all woodworking projects in this blog of woodworking with wood. Following the link of the miniatures you will find them more or less ordered. In the entries I explain the projects, but to see how to do each woodworking or DIY project step by step, I recommend watching the videos. If you are a beginner, some projects may seem complicated, but surely you can follow most of them. You will find the translations of Woodgears and I build it with the numbering that I refer to in the corresponding entries that I write as a presentation.

If you want to get a quick idea of ​​the projects you will find, the thumbnails on this page are a good presentation of this carpentry blog. And if you want to go directly to see all the carpentry videos, follow the videos tab at the top that will take you to my YouTube channel, to which you can subscribe.

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  1. hello:
    I am a novice and I like the smell of wood, where can I get the switch you see in the videos, in the Euskadi area I have no way of finding it, brand?
    thanks, you have some great videos.

    1. Enredando No Garaxe

      Hi Javier. I took it from a Wolfcraft table that I was not using. I don't know if Wolfcraft sells them. a greeting

  2. Angel Castaneda Adame

    Hello, I am a beginner in these arts of carpentry, and I am surprised by the ease you have to make the guides that greatly facilitate the work, so I congratulate you, I am from Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. and I love doing carpentry crafts. That is why I am subscribing to your channel, to know more about this art and to be able to learn a little and provide me with the crafts that I want to do, thank you very much for having the disposition to show your videos.

    1. Enredando No Garaxe

      Hello Angel. I always like to know that my videos are useful. Just keep in mind that this is more DIY with wood than carpentry as I have no training as a carpenter. I just like to mess around in my little carpentry shop and do the things I can think of :). a greeting

  3. Hi Javier
    excuse me for my spanish I'm from Rome
    escia, I have a 30 years old bleckdecker drill, and a seghetto, electric saw, no other tools
    propose, invent, small work for us man of the age of the pietra with strumenti semplici, please !!!

    greetings… friends!

  4. Hello such

    I want to ask you about the use of Allen screws in wood projects, what opinion do you have about it, since I want to know if it would be correct and in which applications you found use, if you tried. Another thing, I am less than a beginner ^^, so I am interested in knowing what hardware I should use to make a folding table, one of those views in profile with respect to the legs, a pair of legs form an X.

    Thank you! You are very technical ^^!

    1. Enredando No Garaxe

      I never used allen screws for solid wood. For chipboard yes, making the corresponding guide holes. I have in mind a project with chipboard in which I will use them. As for the table, I never did one of those, so I can't help you. a greeting

  5. Agusti Parramona Gros

    Good morning, I just discovered you, and I love your notebook.
    I am 71 years old and I would like you to show me how to have a table like yours, with the circular embedded,
    being retired… .no enough to collect one.
    A hug and I reiterate I love your notebook.

  6. Hi Javier:
    First of all thank you very much for your work, you teach it impeccably.
    A very basic question.
    We need a box of: Height = 1; length 1.5mt; width 0.9mt. It occurred to us to make it in 18mm phenolic plywood, it will be in a marine environment (boat). It will store dry things. I have thought to join the plywood with self-tapping screws, my question is whether it will be consistent. It will not be subjected to tensile stresses, but being so high, it happens if the walls of the future box did not weaken over time.
    I will greatly appreciate your advice.

    1. Enredando No Garaxe

      Javier? My name is Sergio 😀
      Sorry I took so long to answer, but due to the summer work I had to stop attending the blog.
      I am concerned that the self tapping screws may crack your board. Do a test first. I do not know what resistance it will have, but you can always put a little glue on the edges before screwing, although you can no longer disassemble the box. And if you see that you need to give it more resistance you can put some metal angles.
      a greeting

  7. Hello good day:
    I would like information on where to buy a belt for a RHYNO 460W 82 × 0,6mm electric carpenter brush.

    I see many models of belts on the internet but I do not know which one is suitable for this model.

    Thanks and I wait for news.

    1. Enredando No Garaxe

      The manual of the machine gives you the model of the strap. Or you can ask where you bought it. a greeting

  8. Please
    Can you tell me what the glue you use to attach the sandpaper to the sanding drum is called?
    In the video I can't understand it
    When I have to change the sandpaper, what do I do?

    1. Enredando No Garaxe

      Hello Paco. It is spray glue for stencil. In a craft or fine arts store you can find it. To change the sandpaper you simply remove the one you have by pulling it (it comes out easy), apply more glue spray and put the next sandpaper. Greetings and thanks for stopping by the blog 😀

      1. Enredando No Garaxe

        Oh, and look at the pot that will put you from the moment you apply the glue until you put what you want to glue, you have to wait a few seconds. In the case of my glue it is 30 seconds

  9. Vladimir Navarro Attendance

    Excellent place to take many ideas when conducting a carpentry workshop, thank you very much for your valuable contributions.

    1. Enredando No Garaxe

      Thank you very much. I think better not, my workshop is a bit of a disaster outside of what is seen on camera 🙁 Greetings also from Galicia 😀

  10. Hi Javier, good night.
    I am starting to make a cutting and milling table following many of your explanations and I have many questions.
    Can I send you an outline to know your opinion?
    Thank you.

    1. Enredando No Garaxe

      Hello Manuel. It seems I have to check the comments on the blog more often 🙂 Couldn't you explain more or less?

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