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Woodworking Jigs

How to make homemade woodworking jigs that allow us to make our projects more easily in our home workshop. Guides and jigs for use with the circular saw, for the jigsaw, for the router, for table saw and for the router table and for some other tools.

How to make woodworking jigs ✅, such as cutting jigs and routing jigs, that facilitate our work in the home woodworking workshop. Here you will see how I make some side fence for my woodworking tools, router jigs, jigsaw cutting jigs and many other types of jigs and guides that help me to cut with my woodworking tools, such as, for example, jigs to make mortise and tenon joints or cutting jigs for the circular saw and for the jigsaw tool.

Most of them are wooden woodworking jigs, but in some cases I incorporate other materials such as methacrylate, aluminum …

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