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Here you can find the Categories that link to the articles with all the woodworking projects ✅ that I show in this woodworking blog. Following the link in the thumbnails you will find the woodworking projects that belong to that category.

In the posts and articles I explain the projects I make, but to better follow how I make step by step each woodworking or DIY project I recommend you to watch the videos. If you are a beginner, some projects may seem complicated, but sure you can make most of them.

Categories of the woodworking projects:

If you want to get a quick idea of the projects you will find, the thumbnails on this page are a good introduction to this woodworking blog. And if you want to go directly to watch all the woodworking videos, follow the videos tab at the top menu that will take you to my YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe.

You will find the translations of Woodgears and I build it, with the numbering I refer to, in the corresponding posts that I wrote as an introduction.

Woodgears Translations

Translations I Built It

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