Front clamping screw made with a sergeant

Woodworking clamps, workbench vises and other clamping systems

In these entries we are going to see carpentry sergeants, homemade clamps and carpenter bench clamping screws, made of wood or metal. Also carpentry sergeants bought to whom an arrangement was made. Buying good quality wood sergeants is sometimes not within our reach, but making our own carpenter sergeants, or making modifications to the cheap sergeants we buy is always very fun and rewarding.

In ->This Video You can see some examples of the projects: These entries include videos from my YouTube channel of woodwork in Spanish where I show how I do the sergeants or how I modify them step by step.

My favorites are: "Simple Solution for Cheap Woodworking Sergeants" and "How to Make Very Simple Bar Sergeants." And also "How to make a carpenter's vise." And of course the «Front vise».

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