How to make a router table

One of the power tools that we are going to get more out of in the home woodworking shop is the router. In my case the plunge router. And once we realize of all that can be made using it we still discover the advantages of having a router table. And then we think “how did I not discover this before” (nothing to say if you already have a lot of experience as a woodworking hobbyist).

In this page you will see how to make a homemade router table, or at least you will see all the projects I did to make mine, from the table structure to the router table fence, and also my lifting system for the router machine.

Making a split fence to upgrade the router table

Improving the router table with a split fence

When I made the double side fence for the router table and the table saw (you can see it here) ...
Collect extension and 12 mm collet.

CMT 12mm router collet extension selection

As I explained in the previous post about CMT 8mm router collet extensions, if the largest router bit shank that ...
Chuck to extend the router machine shaft.

How to select a CMT 8mm collet extension with chuck

If you have a router table ( <- check out this link on how to make one) or a DIY ...
Home vacuum system.

Dust collector system for my DIY combination machine

If you use your do-it-yourself machines occasionally in the workshop, you will probably not even consider connecting a workshop vacuum ...
Milling table.

DIY router table with jack as router lift system

Toine, from the Netherlands, sends me some pictures of his milling table. He used the now typical system of clamping ...
Lateral guide for table saw and milling machine.

Double sliding fence for router table and table saw

Now that I have my DIY router table and my table saw, both made with simple hand held power tools ...
Suction connection box.

Dust collection of the router table in operation

I was curious to see how the suction worked on the DIY router table when adjustable inserts are placed in ...
Router table and lifting system.

DIY router table

As a carpenter I think it would be too small, but as a woodworking hobbyist I have long wanted a ...
Lifting system for router table.

DIY router lift for router table

When we bought our first router machine, tested it and discovered the possibilities it gives us, we realized that it ...
Table structure.

Wooden frame for workshop table

I think something that is important to be able to build for the workshop is a wooden table, either to ...

Maybe this is not as precise as a router table that we can buy, but this homemade router table gives me pretty good results. But note that, with this homemade woodworking machine, sometimes we can't get the router bit up to the right height, so be sure to take a look at the CMT router collect chuck extensions (Now, after using those extensions for a while I am not very happy with them). In addition, these router table machines generate a lot of sawdust that will make the woodworking shop very dirty, and what is worse the dust in the air can harm our health, so do not neglect the vacuum system.

On my YouTube channel you can watch how to make another homemade router table model, and I hope to write the post about that homemade woodworking machine soon. As soon as I write it, it will also appear on this page. But in the meantime you can watch the video here (on my YouTube channel).

It is an easier woodworking machine to make, with a much simpler router lift system, and a pivoting fence that I find it is very simple to make but effective.

In addition, to make things easier, I use the wooden structure of a round stretcher table. Although this has the disadvantage that it has little weight, so it is necessary to put some weight to it, or I can anchor the structure of the router table so that it does not move while routing wood.

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