Crepe paper fringed piñata.

Decorating the piñata with DIY crepe paper fringes

I still had to decorate the homemade piñata, something that can really set back the intention of making one. All those paper fringes they carry don’t look easy or quick to cut, or cheap if we have to buy so many. But the trick is to fold several layers of crepe paper so that you can make several strips of fringe at once. I even cut up to eight at one time. It’s a simple task to do while you’re watching TV. It may be more difficult to apply the glue stick to the crepe paper. And believe it or not, as you can see in the video in this post, it is also necessary to apply the glue on the newspaper of the piñata or the fringe strips will not stay in place while we put them on.

Continuing with the decoration, I comment in the video that I think they look prettier if you continue the drawing of the tips in circles towards the center of the body of the piñata, but I didn’t want to complicate it more and I went to the simplest thing, which was to put the straight strips. Although the easiest thing to do would have been to put a smooth layer of crepe paper, without cutting the bangs.

I also have the impression that I overdid it by tightening the strips and surely if I had separated them a little more, I would have used less paper and it would have been just as colorful… and I would have had some green paper left over to put on the body as well, which looks a little dull without some green touches like on the cones.

As for the manufacturing, in the entry learning how to make a piñata you can see how I did it. On YouTube they suggested using a balloon mold to place the newspaper strips with glue. This is a technique that I used some time ago to make some carnival heads and I think it can be simpler than the one I use for this piñata.

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