Front leg vise made with a metallic clamp

DIY clamps and workbench vises for Woodworking

In these posts we are going to look at woodworking clamps, homemade vises and carpenter’s bench vises, made of wood or metal. Also purchased woodworking clamps to which some fix and repairs were made. Buying good quality woodworking clamps is sometimes out of reach, but making our own woodworking clamps, or making modifications to the cheap ones we buy is always fun and rewarding.

In ->this video you can see some examples of the projects: These posts include videos from my Spanish woodworking YouTube channel where I show how I make the clamps or how I modify them step by step.

My favorites are “simple solution for inexpensive woodworking clamps” and “How to make very simple bar clamps”. And also “How to make a carpenter’s vise”. And of course the “Front vise” .

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